How To Unblock Someone On Instagram – Restore Your Lost Connections

How to unblock someone on Instagram. People taking a photo of food.

After a heated argument with someone, you’ve decided to block them on Instagram. After a while, you might feel sorry and would like to patch up an old friendship and want to gain access to the person’s Instagram profile. Or maybe you’ve just tapped Instagram’s “block” button by accident.  Whatever the reason may be, you […]

How To Save Instagram Photos – A Helpful Guide To Keeping All The Best Photos

How to save Instagram photos. Girl taking a photo of food.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today, and it’s the go-to platform for sharing exciting visuals. It also allows you to explore others’ visual content and engage with other Instagram users. However, Instagram is susceptible to change, and knowing how to save photos from Instagram is something that can prove to […]

How To Disconnect Instagram From Facebook in 2022 – The Handy Guide

Woman holding a phone. How to disconnect instagram from facebook.

Do you remember what you did back in 2012 when Facebook acquired Instagram? You might not remember the details, but you probably fall into one of two groups – the first group loved the news! They were on both platforms, so the merger seemed perfect.  If you were more fond of the simplistic ways in […]

How to Change Profile Picture on Instagram – 2022 Guide

Girl holding a turned on phone.

It’s been a while since you’ve organized your Instagram feed, and you want to do something to refresh it a bit. Changing your profile picture is the perfect starting point. We’ll walk you through the simple process of how to change Instagram profile picture on different devices and some extra tips you should know as […]

2022 Guide: How To Change Your Name On Instagram

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Your Instagram name is a part of your brand. Picking out the right one can do wonders for your profile and help potential followers find you more quickly. But sometimes you want to change things up and try something new. If so, rebranding is the way to go. To help you out, we’ve prepared an […]