The Perfect Instagram Selfie: What They Look Like And How To Take Them In 2021

Handy and useful tips on how to take the perfect selfie for your Instagram Despite our differences within most of modern culture in society, self-expression is the one sensation we all share. Individually. Societies have, for centuries, been obsessed with beauty. And any place beauty could be found in. In architecture, art, food, music, and, […]

Instagram Image Size Guide

We have to admit we’re living in the best Instagram content era, with formats like Stories, Reels, IGTV, video, feed posts. From square, to portrait, to landscape orientation, you name it.  With all of the different options to choose from, it’s tough to suck at the Instagram content game.  However, things can go south if […]

Social Media Cancel Culture – Is it Really Real

Comedians are significantly affected by this new mentality. They used to run free and pack slightly offensive stereotypes into some of the most hilarious jokes. Nowadays, these types of bits could potentially get them canceled for good. You can hear it all the time in podcasts hosted by legendary comedians like Whitney Cummings. Whenever she […]

Instagram Content Ideas: Valentine’s Day Edition

It’s the season of love. After all we’ve been through last year, it’s about time we spread some love and positivity. Whether you’re spending it with that special someone, or you’re planning on giving more love and compassion to the world in general, it’s good to prepare some content ideas in advance. Instagram Valentine’s Day […]

How to create my own story stickers

GIFs on Instagram stories are absolutely trending these days. All the big names from Gary Vaynerchuk to Nike are using them to engage better with their audience.  And they don’t just help you engage with your followers. GIFs can truly bring a Story to life.  So, how to make your own stickers?  Instagram Story GIFs […]

How To Report Instagram Bullying

What Is Online Harassment And What We Can Do To Prevent It Meta title tag – Instagram harassment – What is it and how to report it Meta description – Learn all there is to know about Instagram bullying. From how it is defined, what types of IG harassment are there, and how to report […]

The Most Followed Instagram Accounts in 2020

How and why these accounts became the most followed on Instagram Instagram has undoubtedly become one of the biggest social media platforms of today. Over the last 5 years, folks from all across the internet have started using Instagram. And its usage has grown x10 during that time. In June of 2018, it exceeded 1 […]

Why Instagram Story Size… Matters?

Instagram stories have been around since August 2016. They were introduced after Snapchat’s “revolutionary” 24h long snaps. The reception was a bit controversial in the beginning. People on almost all social media platforms were accusing them of ripping off Snapchat’s idea – which is so (un)true.  Snapchat rejected Zuckerberg’s billion-dollar offers more than once – […]