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How To Choose The Right Filters For Your Flock Dash


Complete these 8 Flock Social Approved Steps For the Best Instagram Growth Experience in 2020

Investing in your Instagram account has become a borderline necessity in 2020. You know what they say…”Time is money, friend”. If you’re promoting your business or brand out there, you know exactly how valuable time is. 

And who can save you time on Instagram? That’s right. Instagram growth services

Amongst other, crazier, things that have happened in 2020 – here are a couple of Instagram stats from this year that you might want to know. Especially if you are considering or have already signed up for a growth service.

And the most important one for all businesses reading this:

coins of money pile

With numbers like these, we have a better understanding of the power and influence Instagram has in the business industry. The platform, however, continues to be under-utilized. But with the help of a service like Flock Social, you just might take full advantage of what it has to offer. 

Not just for numbers, but for social impact, influence, and overall, a better quality business

Before we start talking about the Flock dashboard filters and how best to use them – let’s sign-up together! A step-by-step guide, if you will.

Useful fact: Flock Social offers a 7-day free trial to get you started off the right way!


Step 1: Go to flocksocial.com 


Step 2: Once you’re at the “Let’s start” page, enter your username


Step 3: Enter your Full Name, Email, and Number.


Step 4: Enter your Instagram password

The first four steps are pretty self-explanatory. It shouldn’t take you more than two minutes to get to Step 5!

Now, it’s time to get into the fun stuff. Here, we’ll talk about the three different Engagement Filters and how to choose the right ones. They will help your profile generate the most Instagram engagement while targeting the most suitable profiles for your brand. A recipe for online success if we’ve ever seen one.

Pro tip: While Flock focuses on growing your profile, you can make sure to step up your content game!  Creating scroll-stopping content surely doesn’t happen overnight. But it’s a process worth the struggle.


Step 5: Profile targeting

In order to get the most out of the service – it’s best to do your research before actually subscribing. Primarily when it comes to preferences and targeted engagement. Beforehand, make sure to collect at least 10 Instagram profiles who’s audiences and brands are similar to yours.

This way, the Flock dash will target their most active followers to engage with your page. Due to the similarity in brands, there is a high possibility that they are in it for the long run. This is exactly how Flock Social can help you grow your followers organically!

We are targeting users who are genuinely interested in your Instagram account and what it has to offer.  

That’s why Profile Targeting is so powerful. You can, of course, skip this step if you so desire. Even though it is not recommended to skip it. And if you need any sort of assistance, you can always hop over to the Live Chat, where an agent will be more than happy to help!

To put the concept into perspective, let’s make it visual as well. 

Here is an example of what Profile Targeting is supposed to look like:

Let’s say you’re an aspiring baker from Brooklyn, New York. You’ve just opened your bakery in Downtown Brooklyn, and want to spread the word about you to-die-for vanilla cupcakes. Hiring an Instagram growth service is the best thing you can do for your business. So, how do you go about this Profile Targeting feature?

As we’ve mentioned above, try to find at least 10 profiles within your lane. In this case, you are on the lookout for fresh bakery Instagram accounts, preferably near you. 

Pro tip: You don’t always have to look for big and well-known brands. Smaller ones will do just fine, especially if their engagement is high! That only means the connection between them and their followers is very strong.  

Try looking for these profiles through relevant hashtags, locations, and usernames on Instagram. In other words, look for your competitors…Amongst other things. Then simply add their usernames into the Flock search bar during the subscription. Pick 10 of them and voila! 

You are ready to move on to the next step of the flock dashboard journey! That wasn’t so hard, was it?


Step 6: Hashtag Targeting

Hashtag Targeting

Hashtags are a crucial part of growing a brand on Instagram. Businesses use both Branded and regular Hashtags to spread awareness of their brand and improve engagement. Imagine the power these hashtags hold then…Especially when it comes to starting from scratch.

Now that we’ve received user information to help us create your loyal audience –  it’s time to absolutely nail the targeting. So, how can you go about this step?

Going back to the bakery example, try to find 10-20 Hashtags that best describe your business. In this case, we are looking at something like: #bakery #bakerybusiness #bakeryproducts #snacks #cake #chocolate #food #instafood #pastry #cookies…

bakery hashtag on instagram

Those are the top ones for anything bakery related, on Instagram. But if you would like to get creative and think of the more isolated hashtags that offer fewer posts – feel free to do that as well! This can help Flock narrow down the search criteria and create a customized clientele for your business. 

Here are some examples: #bakingadvice #bakingtips #bakerslife #bakinglove #loveforbaking #localbakery #freshfood #cheesecake #madewithlove #bakeryking #pastrychef #customcakes #dessertaddict #weddingcakes #eatstagarm #cooking #instafood #glutenfreebakery #bakeshop #cakehouse #dough #nybakery, #brooklynbakery…

With the help of some of these, Flock will narrow down the targeting when searching for profiles as well. 

The main goal is to build an active community, not just raise the follower number visually. 

Just as with anything else, you can always chat with a Flock Social agent if you need assistance. The Flock dashboard also has a lot of good information you might need. 

Have in mind that these preference dashboard filters are really valuable – especially when we talk about quality over quantity.


Step 7: Location-Based Targeting 

location based targeting instagram

This step is probably the most flexible one on this list. It’s pretty straight forward too. Some businesses and brands don’t really need an audience that circulates around the same location. 

If you’re, for example, an online clothing brand, an artist, influencer, or if you have any kind of online shop – location isn’t that important to you. Especially if you as a business offer worldwide shipping. 

Not to say it isn’t recommended! If you would like a specific area to be targeted – it most definitely will be.

On the other hand, businesses that for example have physical stores are in demand for location targeting. Considering that hair and nail salons, boutiques, and flower stores are based in one city or state – you might want to seek clients that are, well, close to your store. In other words, you are looking for locals.

Pro tip: When searching for profiles best suited for your brand, try optimizing the search as much as possible. For example, when listing hashtags, try adding your location as well. Look at the top posts and accounts in your lane and region for better insight!


Step 8: Adjusting the Engagement Preferences

adjust your engagement preferences

This step is pretty important – even though Flock has its recommendations and default characteristics. Here, you will be able to adjust a few crucial actions and features Flock Social will be using to grow your page. These are the features at hand:

  • Follow/Unfollow – highly recommended! 

All profiles that are followed will be unfollowed within 24h! You don’t have to worry about being stuck with a chunk of new profiles on your following list. 

Keep in mind that clients who use this feature see 2×3 times more growth than the ones who don’t! Our Instagram followers guide is a great way to learn everything you need to know about Instagram followers. 

  • Liking posts – default!

This feature cannot be turned off due to its immense effect on your profile’s growth. Once your audience has been fully targeted, Flock will start engaging with the appropriate users.

  • Story Viewing – recommended!

Flock Social will be viewing volumes of Stories from targeted users on a daily basis. Many people check who viewed their Story multiple times a day. If they find relatability in content, they will most likely engage with your page.

  • Business profile – default!

In order to get the best results possible, we need to mark your account as a Business page. Not only is it crucial in growing a business, but its Insights help with keeping progress! It’s always a good idea to have a borderline ready account before setting up filters on our flocked dashboard! 

If your Instagram account is fairly small, you’ll get a notice that looks like this:

An extended trial period is just what beginner profiles need in order to bloom! Once you’re done with the basics, you will need to insert your billing information. 

As we’ve mentioned above, you will receive a 7-day free trial or a 10-day one, so you won’t be charged right away. Plus, you’ll be getting tons of action during the trial period. You should know exactly what to expect during your free trial with Flock Social!


The Takeaway

Putting it all into perspective, all three filters combined are of great value. Profile, Hashtag, and Location targeting can not only create a huge follower count – it can create a community, a loyal clientele, and most importantly, a business. 

Choosing the right filters on your Flock dashboard after research and maybe a bit of help from an experienced agent – you will be more than ready to hit the Instagram business scene. With all of this in mind, we hope we’ve managed to shed some light on important preferential filters. 

They are the primary tools of your growth – chosen by you and managed by Flock

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