How Flock Grows Your Instagram


Flock Social is an organic Instagram growth service. Our system is designed to only target real, active accounts that would naturally follow your account and engage with your Instagram content based on shared interests. 

Our spam-free and risk-free approach allow us to connect you to hundreds and eventually thousands of new followers – consistently.

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At Flock Social, you’re entirely in charge of the type of audience you want us to connect you with. You select the sources like similar accounts, hashtags, and locations.


100% Organic growth

You may be wondering how we’re able to create completely organic growth. The secret lies in using real phones to connect user profiles. Therefore, all actions like follow/unfollow, story viewing perfectly mirror real, human actions. It’s exactly like having a personal account manager constantly engaging with your audience.


Trust score boost

Our main purpose is to grow your audience and secure thousands of new, laser-targeted followers for your profile. However, there’s a bonus effect of our approach. The organic interactions Flock uses positively affect your profile’s trust score over time. As a result, we’re gradually increasing the maximum amount of interactions your profile can perform.


How Flock Social grows your Instagram

Our entire process is based on targeting you define. Once you sign up, add hashtags, locations, and influencer accounts as our sources, we will automatically ignore everyone else. 

Whether you’re a Business client with your dedicated account manager, or a Rising Star taking your first steps onto Instagram, your growth will be based on Following and Unfollowing.

Important note: Flock NEVER unfollows anyone you followed before signing up with us! Your account is your own, and we’re just here to help.


How do we Follow and Unfollow

To secure maximum safety of your Instagram account, we perform between 6-8k interactions (follows and unfollows combines) per month, which result in about 150-600 new, REAL followers. 

As we exclusively engage with your target audience on your behalf, the follow back is almost guaranteed because your ideal audience would love that you popped up on their profile. Our top-performing clients get up to 30% followback rates!

Once you enter your target sources, the process takes 24-48 hours to warm up. That’s how long it takes to let your account get used to the new login from our system. After that, our next step is to only perform follows for a couple of days before we start switching between following and unfollowing batches.

Following and unfollowing are perfectly balanced out. We’re making sure your Following number never gets too high. And we also follow an account for roughly 4 days before we unfollow them. 

This way, we are securing that: 

  • Your Following will only increase by a flat amount of 800 while using the service 
  • People will have enough time to decide if they want to follow you back


In the end, your Following will be increased by a flat amount, but your followers will keep on rising every month! The balance will keep on tipping to the right side.


You can change your plan at any time

Our service works on a monthly subscription. This means you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel entirely at any time. Please note that you can do all of this on the dashboard, but if you experience any issues, any of our Live Chat Support agents can help you out as well.

Please note that there is no free trial included. We dedicate a lot of resources to each individual client, so we cannot offer a free trial at the moment. The service is a monthly subscription, so please feel free to give it a try for 30 days and see how you like it. We don’t have any contracts, and you can cancel at any time.

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