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Automated growth, fast results, and not one fake follower. Gain high-quality followers with the leading Instagram Growth Tool.

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What makes Flock the Best Instagram Automation Tool?

Through years of working in the Social Media industry we have created a perfect online algorithm that guarantees a seamless growth experience. Our Tool will get you real & engaging followers with minimal time and effort.

Secure & Fast Growth

Security and effectiveness are one of Flock’s top priorities. Our Instagram Growth Tool makes sure that you reach your audience organically with no risks.

Easy to Use

Our Dashboard is leading on the market with it’s ease of use & features. Once you set up your targets, just sit back, relax and gain automatic Instagram followers!

Intuitive Dashboard
No Previous Knowledge Needed
Quick Setup, in Under 5 Minutes!

Accessible With Any Device

Flock uses cloud-based technology to make it easier and more accessible to users all over the globe. You only need an internet connection and you are ready to grow your account with us!

Are you Ready for Organic Instagram Growth?

Over 5,000 of the world’s top brands, agencies & businesses use Flock Social for Growing Organic Instagram Followers. Join them today and start building your audience with AI-powered automation.


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up to 50%
Instagram Rising Star

Instagram Rising Star

Instagram Rising Star

Start growing your Instagram using Flock Social’s powerful features. Perfect for personal profiles.
$ 49 / month
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Expected 600 new followers each month & get access to useful tools.
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Instagram as a Business

Grow your Instagram like never before. Your personal account manager will ensure you get a minimum of 1000 new real followers. Guaranteed!
$ 99 / month
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Achieve targeted, meaningful Instagram growth with more than 1000 new followers per month.

Safe & Easy Growth Experience

Our service makes a huge increase in engaging relevant & organic Instagram followers. Whether you're an individual or a business - Flock has a solution for you!

Create an account

Our Instagram growth takes less than 5 minutes to set up.

Find similar profiles

We only target users that are genuinely interested in you and what you have to offer!

Grow your Instagram

Once we’ve carefully selected users best suited for your page, it’s time to start growing!

Access easily

You can adjust or track results within your Dashboard from anywhere!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Flock Social’s primary focus is on your security and the security of your Instagram profile. We have taken every possible step to ensure there is zero risk of losing your profile, and with a track record of over 5000 managed accounts and 0 banned users, we let the numbers speak for themselves.

The answer is – no, Flock Social is a cloud-based service. The only thing you need is an internet connection and you’re ready to go!

That all depends on what type of service you are using. In general, we do not advise using other Instagram promotion services in combination with our own. If you do so, please notify our team, or do so at your own risk as we cannot promise how compatible we would be with every other tool on the market.

Absolutely. If you ever decide that Flock Social is not the best option for your Instagram marketing strategy, you can simply cancel your subscription through the dashboard.

You will notice the results within the first few days of signing up, and will be pleasantly surprised by the end of your first week! Of course, every profile has their unique goals and target audience, but no matter who you’re trying to reach, we’re there for you.

Yes they will. The goal of our service is to promote your profile so you can gain followers organically. All of the followers that you accrued are here to stay if they wish.

Great question! The growth experts at Flock have been perfecting their Instagram tool and software, which grants such amazing results, for years now. In comparison to other, newer, services on the market, we do our job bigger, faster and 100% organic. We’ve studied Instagram’s algorithm and playground to perfection, only to prep our own Instagram software to play and win on their terms and field. With Flock Social, you aren’t only getting more followers, likes and comments – you are building a trustworthy reputation, a genuine community and a loyal clientele that will help grow your business on Instagram. Join the 5000+ clients we already have in our flock to further your Instagram growth journey!