Stim Social meets Flock Social

We’re excited to inform you that Stim Social has partnered with Flock Social. The improved and upgraded service will help you grow your Instagram profile like never before! Unparalleled results, support and our engaging community will make this a blast!

The amazing thing is that even though Flock users see 79% better results on average, we’ve managed to keep the same pricing ranges as before, making sure to find the right balance between how much our users are willing to spend and the costs reflected in the new and improved setup.

🤔 What has really changed?

As we all know Instagram has been making their platform and algorithm more and more exclusive, and not in a good way! Instagram’s focus has been on locking out every service which provides an alternative marketing model to their paid ads. The merger with Flock Social allows us to better align with Instagram’s policy, while still being able to provide an effective marketing and growth tool to our users.

👀 What about my Stim account?

All current Stim users can still use their old dashboards, but new accounts need to be created on Flock Social. Just click the button below to create your Flock Social account and start growing!

Getting Started

In short: Exactly like Stim Social! That’s why we’re partnering, after all. Flock is based on engaging with targeted accounts by following and unfollowing them. We have trimmed down the fat from Stim’s approach and made it an incredible solution for everyone involved. We’re sure you’ll be satisfied and we can’t wait to show you!

Absolutely yes. This change only affects new accounts from being created on Stim. Your old Stim account is still up and running and you can add/remove as many accounts or subscriptions as you want. Your user experience will not be changed, and you will still get full customer and technical support.

TikTok has been a huge focus for us and we want to make sure we do it right. Our team will be working hard to update our TikTok service and bring it over to Flock Social in the near future. Current Stim clients can still add accounts and use the service, but due to scaling issues it is limited from Flock Socialat this time.

With thousands of running clients and a ton of data to confirm it, we can state with certainty that the use of Flock Social will not result in any negative long term consequences for your profile. Our users don’t get banned.