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We are here for you

Schedule a call and we will help you as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

No contracts, and no minimum commitment time. Flock is a monthly subscription, and you can stop your subscription from renewing whenever you want. If you cancel, we will continue working on your account until the end of your current billing period. Cancel whenever you want, and come back anytime!

Great question! The growth experts at Flock have been perfecting their Instagram tool and software, which grants such amazing results, for years now. In comparison to other, newer, services on the market, we do our job bigger, faster and 100% organic. We’ve studied Instagram’s algorithm and playground to perfection, only to prep our own Instagram software to play and win on their terms and field. With Flock Social, you aren’t only getting more followers, likes and comments – you are building a trustworthy reputation, a genuine community and a loyal clientele. Join 15,000+ clients we already have in our flock to further your Instagram growth journey!

Once we’ve discovered the best audience for your brand, we would then effectively engage with each person until we build a steady follower base, with our cutting-edge Instagram software.

You will see a rise in your follower base during the first two weeks! By the end of the week, that number will grow even more, continuing to prosper if you decide to renew your stay!

Our main priority is the safety of your Instagram account. Our secondary focus is consistent and 100% genuine growth that will create an entire organic community of loyal followers on your page.

The reason our conversion rate is above 90% is that we engage with real users that are genuinely interested in your specific industry and page. We will follow a generous amount of users on your page, but once the mutual connection has been made, all the users will eventually be unfollowed. Unless you want certain folks to stay!