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How To Get Instagram’s Swipe Up Feature In 2020

“So, anyways, guys…Just swipe up on this video, and you can take a look at this amazing new product I couldn’t shut up about earlier!! Yeah, it’s that easy!“

How many times have you stumbled upon a story like that while browsing Instagram? From one of the many celebs and brands out there? Probably a handful of times, right? And how many of you have actually swiped up? Well, 15 to 25% of you, according to recent statistics. 

That’s because everybody and their momma are either using or dying to use this feature. And trust us…After reading this blog, you’re going to want to use it too.

That’s right. The Instagram Swipe Up feature sure does create a lot of buzz. Many users wonder how to practice it and why so many brands already do. If you are interested in how to add a Swipe Up link on Instagram Stories and utilize this blockbuster feature – we say keep on reading!



First things first…

Looking for more Followers?

What is the swipe up Instagram feature?

We’ve all heard about the “link in bio” shoutouts all over the ‘gram. Many businesses spend a lot of time creating the perfect Instagram bio to lead their followers to their website – which is usually located, well, in the Bio. The Swipe Up Instagram feature, on the other hand, is meant to simplify the process. The goal is to drive even more traffic to a website, online shop, YouTube video, or blog post. 

To get straight to the point here – The Instagram Swipe Up feature allows you to add a link to your Instagram Story. And as the name suggests, the user would only need to “swipe up” to get to wherever the link takes them. 

You must be wondering: “Well, okay, that’s pretty cool, I guess. But I still don’t understand what all the hype is about? And, how do you attract customers on Instagram with this feature?

Funny you should ask because adding the Instagram Story Swipe Up link is pretty hype-worthy. Long story short, this is the only other place you can add a link to. Other than in your Bio. It’s also been the first time Instagram has introduced such a feature.

Now you must be wondering: “That’s actually super useful! Why haven’t I done this before?! Quick, how do I set up the link??”

Well, there is a catch – or a flip side, if you will. Only business users who have 10.000 followers can use the Instagram Story feature. This, however, shouldn’t be discouraging. Not in the slightest. It’s super important to be as educated as possible on topics that could potentially help your brand. Even if the end goal seems unattainable – it’s still somewhere down the line.

Here’s a very helpful fun-fact about the Swipe Up feature Instagram so generously awarded us with. It was initially created for users with over 1 million followers. Due to the high demand, Instagram started reducing the number of followers required bit by bit. Before you know it, the number was drastically changed. We are sure that the feature will be available for more users in no time!

Another way to get the Instagram Swipe Up feature is by being Verified on Instagram

This means that celebrities, influencers, other public figures, and brands can access the Instagram Swipe Up feature without the 10k follower milestone only if verified!

But for our non-Kendall Jenner nephews of Instagram, let’s continue…


 Why is the Instagram Swipe Up feature so important?

As we’ve mentioned above, this handy feature is very popular, especially amongst businesses on Instagram. 

The goal is to understand how to turn Instagram followers into customers as smoothly as possible. Whether you want them to check out your new product, follow the link for details on Instagram giveaways, blog posts, sponsored products, or video – it can be added to a Story as a link. 

Let’s put things into perspective here.



With over a billion monthly users on the platform and counting – it’s no wonder Instagram wants to help its users build a business. That’s why they keep introducing these useful and business-friendly features. 

Posts on your feed, although deletable, are permanent. Instagram Stories are not. They last 24h. At first glance, they may seem less important or even less influential. But that’s not the case.

Before we do a Step-By-Step guide on how to add a swipe up link to your Instagram Story – let’s see why Stories themselves are so powerful. 


 24-hour long entertainment 

Since they appear on the top of everyone’s feed – Instagram Stories are a great way to keep your audience engaged. Daily!

Provide them with entertaining, everyday content that won’t make it on the regular feed. It gives your audience the opportunity to meet you, your brand, and possibly some employees or collaborators. Make it relatable. 


 Highlight the best Stories

Many users and brands use Stories to post content that won’t end up on their feed. Sometimes, certain photos and videos deserve to be kept on your page for more than 24h. This is precisely why Instagram introduced the Highlights feature.

This feature presents old Stories to a new follower. Everything important they might have missed when you first posted about it: the better the content, the more followers will be coming back to your profile for more. Not to mention you can highlight a Swipe Up Story as well! 




 Create a blueprint

After a while, you’ll start developing your style when it comes to content. Stories are no different. While there are apps you can use to create amazing content for your feed – there are also apps for Story editing! We recommend Dazzlem, Unfold ,and StoryArt. All can be found both on Google and the App Store! 

.  .  .

Next up, we’ll show you how to do Swipe Up on Instagram in just a few simple steps. 



How to add a Swipe Up link on Instagram 

We already know the benefits clickable links have on Instagram. Especially if you are offering an online service or a product. Let’s just jump right into it and see what these bad boys are all about.

  1. Create the Story. In the upper left corner of your Instagram feed – you’ll see your Story icon. Clicking on it gives you two options. a) Create a new photo, Boomerang, or Video. b) Choose an already existing piece of content from your phone. Once you do either of those things, your Story is ready for the next step! 

  1. Click the Chain Link icon. Sadly, this option will only appear for users who have over 10.000 followers on Instagram. Copy the link you want to add and simply paste it to the icon. You can do so by clicking the + Web Link section, adding your URL, and tapping Done. Voila! It’s that easy! 


For sponsored posts, brand features, and deals, we additionally have the Branded Content feature! This is used for tagging a business partner while adding a “paid sponsorship with” label. 



  1. Add Call-To-Action. Once your Story is all set, we highly recommend adding some quirky call to action stickers or GIFs! Even though a “See More” will appear at the bottom of your Story, it never hurts to add some more color. 


For example, there are numerous “Swipe Up” GIFs, you should take a look at. You can even create your own Story Stickers and completely customize them to your liking. Doodle some arrows, add a few emojis, and bam – you have yourself a true Instagram Story Swipe Up!

Once you’ve finished all three steps, simply post the Story, and you are all done!

Pro tip: If this Swipe Up is related to an important launch or information regarding your brand – make sure to highlight it on your Instagram profile! This way, all the new followers will get a chance to see that piece of information and visit the link too! 



Increase the swipes – get more likes 

There are always additional steps you can take to increase the number of swipes on each Story. We’ve already mentioned the cute call-to-action stickers – but what else can be done?


Make it aesthetically pleasing

Of course, there are numerous ways you can style an Instagram Story, depending on what you’re promoting. Regardless, you should always make everything fit well together.

For example, let’s say you’re promoting a new blog post. Screenshot the title and featured image and make sure all the CTAs go well together. If the featured image is mostly blue, make all the GIFs, stickers, doodles, and Emojis blue as well. Or at least a color that goes well with blue. Structure and symmetry, and an eye for graphic design, are the way to go here. 




Post often

The more consistency there is on your page, the more engagement you’ll accumulate. It’s elementary maths. Combine that with good quality content, and you have yourself an unstoppable Instagram marketing formula. If your followers see your Stories often, you will appear at the top of the Story feed.

Taking a hiatus from posting Stories, on the other hand, will make you lose your top spot! Try to be careful!

But to get to the part that some of you are actually here for…



How to get those 10.000 followers?

Ah, yes – the million-dollar Instagram question: How to become super famous on the platform overnight?  

Unfortunately, we don’t have that exact formula – but what we do have is Flock Social. 

In 2020, everyone who wants to become someone on Instagram is using an Instagram growth service. And contrary to popular belief, that process is not at all frowned upon – quite the opposite! 

Flock Social only focuses on organic growth and nothing else. Whoever you are and whatever your business or brand is about – there is an audience out there, waiting to be targeted, specifically for you. That’s what Flock does. 

So you won’t only be receiving followers…You will be creating an audience, a clientele, and a community – 100% centered around the vision behind your brand!

Looking for more Followers?


The impact the Instagram Swipe Up feature could have on your brand is seemingly limitless if used correctly. From the Instagram account quality you could gain, to the traffic and buzz you’d create – this truly is an essential part of any great Instagram marketing strategy. So, in true Flock Social blog fashion, allow us to ask – what are you waiting for?


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