How To Switch to Personal Account on Instagram: Your Comprehensive How-to Guide

A woman logging into ther business prorfile.

Whether you’re an individual trying to express yourself, a small company looking to market your products, or an aspiring influencer creating your niche – Instagram features a variety of account types to meet your goals. On this platform, there is something for everyone. Sometimes, the obligations that come with juggling a business account can become […]

5 Creative Instagram Tips for Makeup Artists

Women aged 34 years or younger make up the majority of Instagram users according to the latest stats. Naturally, makeup and beauty businesses use Instagram as their single most important marketing and sales channel.  As the competition is getting fiercer by the minute, it becomes challenging to stay on top of the game and reach […]

The Perfect Instagram Selfie: What They Look Like And How To Take Them In 2021

Handy and useful tips on how to take the perfect selfie for your Instagram Despite our differences within most of modern culture in society, self-expression is the one sensation we all share. Individually. Societies have, for centuries, been obsessed with beauty. And any place beauty could be found in. In architecture, art, food, music, and, […]

Super Cool 4th of July Instagram Captions That Will Get All the Likes

Get ready for the craziest 4th of July celebration ever! As the world is slowly starting to open up again, we’re all more than excited to welcome some sun, beach parties, barbecues, and a whole lot of fireworks this Fourth of July.  As it’ll involve a ton of pictures, cute videos, and an Instagram Live […]

Ultimate Guide to Creating Engaging Instagram Video Content

So, it’s 2021, and we’re far from the opinion that Instagram is some indie app for photographers, artists, and creatives.  All of the latest updates show a serious commitment to businesses and entrepreneurs trying to make it big using Instagram as their primary marketing and, as of recently, sales channel.  As we’re on the myth-busting […]

Fine-tune your Instagram through social testing

Social media has borderline become a business necessity in the last couple of years. Brands are developing their own social media strategies to keep up with their competition. The process has become a full-blown social media science.  If you ask any marketer or social media consultant on why they chose a specific approach, you will […]

Instagram Content Ideas: Valentine’s Day Edition

It’s the season of love. After all we’ve been through last year, it’s about time we spread some love and positivity. Whether you’re spending it with that special someone, or you’re planning on giving more love and compassion to the world in general, it’s good to prepare some content ideas in advance. Instagram Valentine’s Day […]