5 Creative Instagram Tips for Makeup Artists

Women aged 34 years or younger make up the majority of Instagram users according to the latest stats. Naturally, makeup and beauty businesses use Instagram as their single most important marketing and sales channel. 

As the competition is getting fiercer by the minute, it becomes challenging to stay on top of the game and reach the ideal audience. 

To help you understand how to be a successful makeup artist with Instagram, we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 creative Instagram tips to take your makeup Instagram game up a notch. 

Let’s get our Huda Beauty palettes in order and create some Instagram makeup magic. 

Taking care of your makeup Instagram business

If you’re in it to win it, go full business mode, and use any opportunity to create a successful business. 

  • The first order of business is, well, a business Instagram account. If you still haven’t, switch to a professional account to enjoy perks like Instagram Insights, business category, and contact info. 
  • Use your logo or your most representative photo as your Instagram profile photo. Make it simple but recognizable. Use the set of three brand colors throughout your Instagram visuals. 
  • Come up with a catchy but concise and informative bio. Use popular phrases and add some creative lines for better effect. Add emojis to make it pop.
  • Insert a link to your website or blog. You can change the URL to promote different blog posts, discounts, or events. 
  • Add a branded hashtag. Come up with a creative branded hashtag and instruct your audience and promoters to use it for user-generated content and promote different campaigns and contests. Explore popular makeup artist hashtags to help you create your own unique one. 
  • Don’t forget your contact info and address. Let your users know how they can reach you. 

Take a look at some of the most beautiful makeup artist bio examples to get inspiration

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A post shared by Sussex Salon & Academy (@charlottewadleymakeup)

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A post shared by Cherish Brooke Hill (@makeupbybrookehill)

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A post shared by Dendoll (@dendoll)

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A post shared by NAM VO✨GLOW⚡️SKIN💫 (@namvo)

Tell a more candid makeup story 

Instagram Stories are the most powerful storytelling weapon to get closer to your ideal customers. This is especially true for creative professionals such as makeup artists which allow plenty of resourcefulness and inspirational content. 

Use popular IG Stories stickers for immediate interaction with your audience. The Questions sticker performs best when it comes to building stronger relationships within the community and boosting engagement. 
For a slicker look and a better first impression, organize your Stories into nice categories within the Highlights section. Use catchy and informative category titles, and create beautiful covers that match your brand’s visual identity.

Use the Swipe up feature in Stories to direct your audience to your other platforms, channels or website landing pages. 

Teach what you preach

Forget YouTube. With Instagram’s powerful IGTV feature, you can give your audience a full-length video experience with a ton of useful advice. 

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A post shared by NAM VO✨GLOW⚡️SKIN💫 (@namvo)

As a makeup artist, the most requested content most certainly falls under the tutorials category. Give your audience what they want, but with a twist. 

Instead of hosting same-old tutorial videos, ask one of your followers to join the experience and pose as a model for your next tutorial. Check your analytics to find out your most dedicated demo, and create tutorials dedicated to their lifestyle or age. 

Success is best when shared 

Collaborate with fellow influencers on creative projects for a chance to get discovered by each other’s audience. 

Get inspired by famous Instagram influencers and their popular collabs. 

If you’re contemplating Instagram promotion and asking Are Instagram Ads Worth It, try some more sustainable and much more affordable options first. You can get in touch with great micro-influencers with solid engagement numbers and get excellent results for both of you. 

Organize different campaigns, IG Live events, Takeovers, or Giveaways, and show how your talents perfectly complement each other. 

Host giveaways and ask an influencer to promote it on their profile. Boost your engagement and give your audience a chance to win some cool prizes. 


Even with all of the drama and infamous scandals that result in losing followers on Instagram, makeup artists’ future on Instagram is pretty bright. If you ever feel lost for ideas, use this guide as a checklist to get you on the right track. 

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