How Many Instagram Accounts Can I Have? Juggling Multiple Profiles

A woman entering her Instagram app and logging into her account.

You may ask yourself: “Why would I want multiple Instagram accounts?” Or, if you already have a personal and business account, the question might be: “How many Instagram accounts can I have?” From the need to maintain a clear separation between personal and professional lives to the strategic advantages of targeting a broad audience, the […]

Complete Guide On How To See Archived Posts On Instagram

Someone hecking daily instagram feed.

Instagram, a platform cherished for its photo-sharing capabilities and the ability to capture life’s fleeting moments, has grown into a powerhouse application with features that are often overlooked by many of its users. One such feature? The ability to archive posts. Imagine sharing a snapshot of your life that you no longer wish to be […]

Unlock Your IG History: How To See Liked Posts On Instagram

A girl uploading multiple Instagram posts with her dog.

Every ‘like’ on an Instagram post, where visual storytelling reigns supreme, represents a moment, a connection, or an appreciation for the content you’ve shared. However, as our Instagram adventures go on, these liked posts fade into ignorance, buried amidst the constantly shifting stream of new, interesting content. Whether you want to reminisce, follow the progression […]

Things To Comment on Your Friend Post: Boost Interaction and Strengthen Bonds

A woman talking to her best friend over the laptop.

In the age of social media, knowing what things to comment on your friend post can be a powerful tool for fostering genuine connections and online friendships. Your comments express your support and appreciation for someone you’re close to on social media. From moments of celebration, vulnerable and inspirational quotes, to everyday life snapshots, there’s […]

Instagram Post Limits: How Many Photos Can You Post on Instagram?

A group of friends creating a photo collage for their Instagram stories.

Most Instagram users can remember the exact moment when this social media platform gave us the ability to post multiple photos. The sheer excitement was unrivaled! Creating and posting multiple photos on Instagram bears both high rewards and risks. The key, though, is keeping a balance. We’ve gathered here today to finally answer the question […]

What Can Followers See on A Professional vs Personal Account?

From its inception in 2010, Instagram has transformed from a simple photo-sharing app to a robust business platform. Today, it’s not just about sharing moments over lunch; it’s about professional networking, brand building, and real-time business operations. As a user, one can fine-tune both visibility and displayed content. Essentially, there are two primary types of […]

How Often Should You Post On Instagram: The Perfect Portion For Insta Succes

Social media analytics

Whether you’re looking to build a following on Instagram, promote your business, or simply want to optimize the way you post, one question must’ve crossed your mind: “How often should you post on Instagram?“ With the ever-changing Instagram algorithm, it can be difficult to figure out what the path to success is. Well, you’re in […]

How To Manage Multiple Accounts: Juggle Instagram Like a Pro

Creating multiple Instagram accounts breaks no sweat, but managing several accounts raises the difficulty bar exponentially. Navigating the vibrant realm of social media might seem intimidating, but don’t you worry. With our extensive knowledge, we are ready to dissect today’s topic on how to manage multiple accounts. If you’re brave enough to dedicate several minutes […]

Level Up Your Instagram Game: Learn How To Update Instagram

Updating Instagram to newest app version, app store

As you already know, the Instagram app is a platform for connection and creativity. It’s safe to say that learning all of its features is critical – and that trip begins with understanding app store updates, their data, available settings, and more. We’re here to help with that! Staying up to date means you’re at […]