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How To Write The Best Instagram Bios: The Cute, The Funny & The Useful

People love to rely on body language to figure out what kind of person they’re dealing with. We have a similar thing on Instagram. Except it’s not called body language, it’s a body of the text. Or, more accurately, your Instagram Bio.

The words you choose to introduce yourself online can follow you for a while. Remember, things on the internet can remain there forever – so better be careful about what you say.  If a picture is worth a thousand words – let’s help our followers picture us in the best light possible, through non-other, then cool Instagram Bios. 

Looking for more Followers?

Many people are unaware of the power that lies in these – they are everything but irrelevant. But we’ll get to all of it in a minute. 

Let’s see the goals we have in store for today.




What your Instagram Bio Needs to Accomplish?

The thing we’re looking for is impact. From your profile picture to the words you’ve written – we want folks to remember you and your page.

Instagram Bios are both visual and filled with words. They give you a unique opportunity to intrigue someone’s interest head-on. It’s the first thing they see!

So, what is the real goal here? 

To make people come back for more.

A profile picture can sometimes be so interesting or pretty – people want to see it over and over again. Great Instagram Bios often have quotes people resonate with. Which, in turn, makes them want to see it more than once.

Many people love to use quotes for an Instagram Bio. We could say the goal is to be original by setting an example

But before we get into the cool Instagram Bio ideas, let’s discuss what they actually consist of. 

What to Include in Insta Bios Template?

Well, other than the text itself, we have the Username, Name, Category, and your Website link

All of your Contact information.

Along with your:  

  • Skills

  • Keywords

  • Business Category

  • Story Highlights

  • Call-to-Action Button

  • Verified Badge

When people discover your page, your Instagram Bio is one of the first things they see! Make it worth stumbling upon.

Let’s examine all of these a bit more in-depth. It’s essential to nail the information before focusing on the things in between. So, let’s begin with the most significant one.


“Say my name, say my name – When no one is around you, say”…I need a branded Instagram Bio. Sorry Queen B, love has to move aside for a minute. It’s all about branding our names through original Instagram Bios.

Originality is something a lot of people struggle with when it comes to online content. Unique ideas capture the most attention, and an Instagram Bio is no different. 

If you are an individual trying to sell your brand on the platform, you need to include your first and last name. It leaves a much more professional impression. Plus, people are more likely to remember one or the other!

Always make sure that your Username, Name, and Bio are well put together. 


Now let’s talk about your second calling, a.k.a Usernames. Avoid something too complicated or hard to read. One or two-word names without any special characters are the perfect combination. 

Something short and sleek leaves a more permanent impression. It also makes your page easier to locate or lookup. Short, impactful, and easy to remember is the perfect combination for this one.



These are just very useful for Instagram Bio tips! Everything depends on your brand’s actual name and style. If you believe longer usernames suit your brand better, by all means – go for it!


This is the portal that makes a follower turn into a client or customer. And if done correctly, that customer will be a long-lasting one as well! 

We will get into the Business category in a moment too. But first, let’s discuss ways your followers can contact you. You can leave your Phone Number, E-mail address, and Location to help potential customers. 

If you have a physical store, you should always leave the exact address of its whereabouts. The easier it is for a customer to contact you, the better that is for your business.


When you are a business on Instagram, your Instagram bio is your resume. And your skillset is what sells your service. If you wrap it up the right way – it just might be too appealing not to visit your website.

Now, the correct presentation never fails to capture attention. When it comes to something as respectful as a good skill set – presentation is the real deal-maker here. No one likes a showoff, but everyone wants confidence

That’s a silver lining you should be trying to create. Showing off your hard work through an impressive skill set will only work if shown correctly. Something like this is very tasteful:

“Mother, neighbor, business owner, pianist.

It’s a very sleek way of introducing followers to what you do and how well you do it. Confident yet humble is the way to go.


The small SEO aspect of creating a great Instagram Bio – relevant keywords

Every business needs to do this research and see which keywords suit their business best, and which ones would get their account the most attention. You won’t improve the searchability like you traditionally would. But keywords in Instagram Bios are very useful and help your business connect with your audience. 



It also gives your page a specific focus. It narrows your niche and helps your followers get to know you better.



Only users who have a professional account are allowed to add and edit this feature. And boy, oh boy, is it an important feature to have. Under Public Business Information, you can edit the following: the Page your Instagram professional account is connected to, Business Category, and Business contact info.

There are many business categories you can choose from. From Real Estate Agent to Gamer – Instagram for business plays no games!

Before adding the category and making it visible and public – it’s best to research all categories. It’s important to nail this one!



The most visible part of the great Instagram Bio – Story Highlights. A.k.a, the Stories that were too good to last only 24h. What goes and what stays is entirely up to you! From business Stories to just everyday stuff – you know your audience and style best.

But, everyone could use a bit of help when it comes to Story Highlight covers and Names. You can have as many as you need. But always try to coordinate the colors and make them visually pleasing. Numerous apps could help you create unique covers. And as for the names – get down and creative! 



These little guys are super important! Here’s how to add them to your Instagram Bio:

  1. Go to your business profile on Instagram.

  1. Tap Edit Profile.

  1. Under Public Business Information, tap Contact Options.

  1. Tap Add an action button.

  1. Select the action button you want to add to your business profile and tap Next. You need an existing account with a partner to select them. Visit the website of the partner you want to add to learn more.

  1. After you enter the website URL, tap Done.


It’s super easy, and it helps your followers find you outside of your Instagram page. But don’t worry. We’ll come back to this in a moment from a more creative side of things.



The boys, the girls, and everyone in between…They all want the little Verified Badge right next to their name. Why? Because it means instant credibility.



The verified icon isn’t what you think. You don’t necessarily have to be some L.A. hotshot who’s aunt produced the Avengers. The only thing you have to be to get it is, well, you. In better words, you need to prove your identity. That’s how to get the Verified badge for your page.

You can do so right here. All the required information is there as well. The good news is that it’s easy, and the bad news is that it takes a while for Instagram to review your request. And sometimes, they deny it. But we all know how beneficial these guys are. 

You are basically an Insta-celeb if you have one of these. Now that we’ve spilled all the information about Instagram Bios, let’s get real creative. Here are some Instagram bio ideas and tips you would want to know!



Pick a Good Profile Photo 

A face, a Logo, or even your dog…photos on Instagram are worth a thousand words. Profile photos on Instagram, on the other hand, are worth even more. 


Because they are the first photograph users get to see on your page. Let’s leave a permanent impression then.

If it’s a person on the photo or selfie, there’s a couple of tricks to follow. 

  1. The lighting ALWAYS has to be perfect.
  2. If you are a business-oriented individual – make the photo look sleek and professional. We’re talking white wall background, with fake plants and office bookshelves from Ikea. No joke.
  3. Smile. You need to radiate positive energy, especially if you are a business.


When it comes to Logo profile pictures on the ‘gram, there is one rule. Make sure the photo goes well together with the Highlight covers! The more pleasing it looks, the more people will be interested in scrolling down your feed.

And as for the dog photos, all dog photos are already perfect. No filter is needed there. Now, not to go all philosophical on you, but…



The perfect Instagram Bio usually reflects something dear to us. Or something that, in our opinion, best describes who we are. Well, the key to this tricky situation is a mixture of both.

If you come up with something from a very subjective point of view, your audience won’t understand it. And that’s not a very good introduction. Bios for Instagram should be understandable but creative!

Here’s how you can come up with a text that will: 

a) connect with your audience and 

b) stick to your core message. 

For example, let’s say that you are a profile that is dedicated to an online jewelry store. What should the message be? Well, product quality, how it’s made, and how to sell it. Right?

You want to let your customers know exactly what your products are about. The trick is to fit an entire brand persona into a tiny chunk of text. Something professional, witty, and memorable. 

Now, that’s what we call a good Instagram Bio.

Here is one of the great Instagram Bio examples of great wordplay and quote usage in this industry:

In this picture, we can see clever yet cute wording. The page wanted to capture their customer’s attention by being direct. But very visual and creative at the same time.

Something like, ‘Made with love’, with proper emojis, could also be a home run. That’s exactly what we meant when we said short and impactful Instagram Bios. 



Always use – we can not stress this enough – emojis! Regardless of what kind of page you are. Here are some main examples:

Location pin 📍: Use in front of your physical location or address.

Ghost emoji 👻: Used to promote Snapchat in Bios.

Downward pointing finger 👇: Use in the last line of your bio to point to your clickable URL.

Flags: Great for Local brands and for promoting your country or market.

Envelope✉️: Use in front of your email address.

Some of the best Bios on Instagram used this tactic. Of course, you can and should pick custom emojis that suit your brand as well. Place them next to your name or Instagram Bio, for example.

It’s a great way to help people memorize your brand’s name or product. There are enough emojis for anyone and everyone out there. Just look at the material:

Hashtags for your Brand or Branded Hashtags?

Including a Branded Hashtag to your Bio is like adding icing on a cake. This way, you’ll promote original content while generating a user-created one as well.

Apple uses its custom #ShotOnIphone Branded Hashtag. It’s for all content that was created via an iPhone. The imagery can originate from Apple themselves. And it can also be user-created then shared on Apple’s official Instagram page. 


#ShotOnIphone branded hashtag

They are not only promoting their product – but they are letting their customers do that as well. But Apple didn’t stop there.

In 2019, the #ShotOnIphone movement shifted to the filming scene as well. More specifically, the music-video scene. 

Musicians like Selena Gomez and Lady Gaga had the hashtag above their music videos. Because…Well, they shot them with the then-new iPhone 11. Your hashtag will definitely get to places much more significant than just your Bio.

But it’s a great place to start! There is one thing to keep in mind here.

Instagram bio hashtags are clickable., but they do not appear in hashtag search results. Each branded hashtag represents an opportunity for potential customers

The hashtags that are not related to your business will lead users to exactly that. Places that are not related to your business! Knowledge in hashtags is Instagram-game gold. A good Instagram hashtag guide can save a life!

Call for Attention or Action? We say Both!

An Instagram Bio is no different from other marketing material you need. But adding a few CTAs might seal the deal.

Try answering this question: What would you like them to do right after they visit your profile?

Writing things like ‘Check out our Website’ or ‘See the Link Below’ is perfectly fine. But we would want you to come up with something much more commercial or catchy. You have to think like a Wall-street broker for this one.

Something that your followers won’t miss out on when they land on your profile. Take a look at the quirky example below. Funny Instagram Bios are very common amongst big names and businesses. 


Use Custom Fonts, Characters & Emojis for Cute Instagram Bios

There are tools out there that can help you change up the game a little bit. Many brands and profiles want to show who they are as creatively as possible. These tips lead to creating the best Bio for Instagram influencers and businesses! 

Instagram itself doesn’t offer an option to change the font in your Instagram Bio. So, we found tools that can help. Instagram Fonts is very helpful when it comes to this. Try putting something together on Instagram Fonts

Take a look at some awesome examples down below:

Now when it comes to special characters we’re not talking about emojis. We’re talking about those old-school characters that add something special. Do you remember the MySpace “:3” period? Well, this is like that, but better.

The easiest way to do this is to open a new Google Doc, click Insert, and choose Special characters. Scroll through the available options. Or search by keyword to find a similar character. Then, just copy and paste it onto your Instagram bio. And voila! 

Self-expression is often difficult. Not because we don’t know what to say. But because we don’t know how to say it and what words to choose. And the best source to help you choose is the one that inspires you the most. So…Speaking of inspiration…Answer us this…

Use Instagram Bio Quotes

A lot of people online like to use art, of any kind, to express themselves. Their favorite movies or songs often represent their social presence and personality. The trick here is to pick an art piece that relates to your message. Or, an art piece that helps people notice you from the Instagram crowd.

Think of it like, who is the Quentin Tarantino to your Samuel L. Jackson, you know? So, once upon a time on Instagram, we’ve tried to create the perfect Instagram Bio. Let’s visualize it – blockbuster style.

Let’s say you’re a fitness guru trying to make it on the ‘gram. What movies come to mind first? Rocky? Too common and overused. I-Tonya? Great for the confident ladies in sports! We say Ice skate away! Creed? Moneyball? The movie-scene is yours!

Try to relate to your fellow fitness gurus. But also try reaching out to people who are not into fitness – but want to start! Once you create this deep connection with your audience – you’ll have what we call, an online persona

Now that’s what you should be trying to fit into your Instagram Bio. This even works if you’re an influencer that’s trying to make it big. Before being million-dollar businesses – many of your favorite Instagram businessmen and women wanted to know how to become an influencer!

You don’t need to limit yourself to just one thing. Us humans are complex beings. Who says we have to have only one theme on the ‘gram?! Who says we can’t be more than one movie?

We’re guessing you’ve posted about your interests and hobbies throughout your feed. That’s what created the relatability between your brand and its followers. 

So…Why not use what the people love you for as an Instagram Bio? Words completely customized for your brand by the users who adore it!  After all, if it’s the songs, books, or movies that brought you all together – why not place them just under your name. It’s who you are!

Use Line Breaks and Spacing When Needed

When it comes to Instagram Bios that are visually pleasing, we love to see spacing. Keeping your information straight to the point is the best attention grabber. Especially if you have a lot of information to share. Some of the best Instagram bios look exactly like this. 

To achieve this modern and smooth look, you’ll want to use bullet points

  • Just
  • Like
  • This!

Write down all the information in bullet point-like fashion in your Notes App. Maybe add some emojis and paste it to your Instagram Bio. Your audience is more likely to remember crucial information if it’s spoon-fed to them like that. 

Spaced Out Bio Example From Modern Tiny Living

Add Product, Event, or Sale Announcement 

Whenever you are launching something new or have an important, business-related even coming up – always add that to your Instagram Bio! Some users might miss your Story or Post announcement. The more of them see it, the better the result will be. 

Speaking of which, a helping hand is always good when it comes to business. And Flock Social can help you grow your followers just in time for major announcements and events!

If it’s a big deal, it’s a big deal. Spread the word!

Remember to add the name, date, and time of launch or event! If there is a theme present, add that as well. Whatever you think could be vital to the product’s sale for example.  

Whenever there is an important announcement, add it to your bio! If there is any new user just discovering your page, they will be in on the loop too!  

Looking for more Followers?


Generally, people like to stick to what works best. Quotes. Most of us like the good citation route when it comes to Instagram Bios and even Instagram captions. Others like to keep it direct, professional, and spaced-out. 

Hopefully, you will find your voice with the help of our blog in 150 characters or less. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration here. But one thing is for sure. Whatever you do, stay true to who you are and what you’re preaching online.

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