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How to Hide Likes on Instagram: A Step-by-Step Guide for a Healthier Social Media Experience

Instagram has over one billion active users, making it one of the most often-used social media sites worldwide. But, for some users, the temptation to increase their Instagram likes and followers can be too much. Instagram has added a function that enables users to hide the number of likes on their photos in an effort to counteract this temptation.

Many users who believe that the number of likes on their postings might lead to unneeded pressure and worry have welcomed this new function. Users may find it easier to concentrate on the material they are sharing rather than the number of likes it receives by hiding likes.

We’ll walk you through the easy methods to hide likes on Instagram in this article. We’ll demonstrate how to activate this feature and go over its operation. We’ll also go through the advantages of hiding likes and why you would want to use this option.

Hiding likes can improve your relationship with Instagram and its users, whether you’re a seasoned user or just starting started. So, let’s dive into the world of hiding likes on Instagram and discover a new way to use this powerful platform.

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How To Hide Likes On Other Accounts?

The option to hide likes is a personal preference that can only be controlled by the account holder. However, you can hide likes so that you don’t see them, and here’s how to do that:

  1. Open your Instagram profile
  1. Tap the three lines in the upper right corner
  1. Select “Settings and Privacy”
  1. Tap “Hide likes”
  1. Toggle the “Hide likes” switch

How To Hide Likes Before Posting?

Let’s explore how you can hide likes on your Instagram posts. Unfortunately, Instagram does not offer an option to hide likes on all your posts at once. However, you can hide likes on each individual post either before or after publishing.

The following instructions will show you how to conceal likes on Instagram posts:

Step 1: Begin creating your Instagram post as you normally would. When you reach the caption section, product tagging, or location addition, tap on Advanced Settings.

Step 2: You can toggle the option to hide the like and view counts for this article in Advanced Settings. Toggle the switch to make likes on your post disappear. Also, this will conceal the number of views for any videos you submit to your feed; however, Reels does not have this option.

Step 3: Advanced Settings allows you to make additional changes before publishing, such as adding alt text to your post for those using screen readers or turning off commenting.

How To Hide Likes After You Post?

If you’ve already published your Instagram post and realized that you forgot to hide the like count, don’t worry. You can still hide the likes after publishing your post.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to hiding likes on an already-published post:

Step 1: Go to the post that you want to update and tap the three dots menu icon to access additional settings and preferences.

Step 2: From the menu options, select “Hide like count” to ensure that nobody can see how many likes your post has received.

Step 3: The menu also provides other options, such as turning off comments retroactively, pinning the post to the top of your profile, and more.

Why You Might Want to Hide Likes On Instagram?

Now that you know how to hide likes, let’s discuss some potential reasons why users might decide to hide likes on Instagram.

Reducing Pressure

For many users, the temptation to increase their Instagram likes and followers can be too much. How effective or well-liked a post is perceived frequently depends on how many people have liked it.

Some users may feel that their self-worth is based on how many likes they get, which can lead to unneeded pressure and worry.

Instagram users can lessen this pressure and concentrate on making material they love by turning off likes.

A more positive and genuine social media experience may result from this. Users can experiment with new sorts of content and take creative risks without worrying about being judged when there is no pressure to acquire likes.

Moreover, disabling likes can assist users in breaking the habit of always checking their phones for notifications and likes. Users may be able to do this to unplug from social media and concentrate on other elements of their lives.

Those who are unconcerned with the quantity of likes their posts acquire might also avoid feeling as though they must continually post in order to maintain their online profile.

Avoiding Comparison

Instagram is a prime example of how social media can foster comparison. You can occasionally compare your content and social media success to others based on the number of likes on your postings. Feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, and worry may result from this.

Users can avoid these comparisons and concentrate on their individual styles and hobbies by turning off likes on Instagram.

Users can concentrate on producing material they enjoy, and that really represents who they are without being distracted by the number of likes.

They can be more inventive and original in their articles and can try out new forms of material without worrying about how many people would enjoy it. This may result in a more solid sense of self and a significant presence on Instagram.

Users can also avoid the trap of attempting to stay up with others on Instagram by disabling likes. crafted material and filtered photos abound on social media, which can lead to inflated expectations and pressure to keep up.

Users may concentrate on producing content that is authentic to them without having to constantly compare it to what others are doing or how many likes they are receiving.

Boosting Authenticity

how to hide likes on instagram

Instagram has become well-known for its carefully selected and edited content, which occasionally appears staged or unnatural.

Users may feel under pressure to publish content that they believe will be popular rather than content that is authentic to themselves in order to garner likes and followers, which can further perpetuate this trend. Users can escape this pressure and produce more honest material by turning off likes on Instagram.

Users may concentrate on generating material that truly expresses their interests, hobbies, and personalities when the amount of likes isn’t the main focus. They can try new things and be more experimental and creative in their posts without worrying about whether they will get likes. This may result in a more real presence and a greater feeling of identity on Instagram.

A more relevant and active Instagram community can be created by users by disabling likes. Users may develop a community that is truly interested in their material and what they have to say when they put their efforts into producing content that resonates with followers rather than chasing likes. This may result in deeper interactions, teamwork, and connections with other users.

Encouraging Engagement

Users who are preoccupied with how many people like their posts may give priority to producing content that is more likely to earn likes above that which promotes engagement and deep connections with their followers. Instagram users may engage more and have a more dynamic and social experience if likes are disabled.

Users may concentrate on producing material that stimulates comments, shares, and discussions without feeling pressured by the number of likes.

They can engage in dialogue with their followers by posing queries, telling tales, and inviting participation. As a result, there may be more genuine and significant interactions with followers and a greater sense of community on Instagram.

Also, disabling likes can inspire users to find alternative ways to interact with their followers beyond merely loving a post.

Users have the option of leaving comments on postings, sharing them with their followers, or contacting the poster directly. Users may interact more personally and meaningfully as a result, and users may forge closer bonds with their followers.

Final Words: How To Hide Likes On Instagram

In conclusion, Instagram likes can be hidden to ease pressure and promote authenticity. Here is a quick and easy approach to doing it.

You may stop comparing yourself to others and instead concentrate on producing material that authentically expresses your interests and passions by masking your likes. Hiding likes can also boost involvement and meaningful exchanges with your followers.

Instagram offers simple-to-follow instructions for configuring your settings, whether you wish to conceal likes on your own posts or those of other users.

You have more control over your Instagram presence because you may even conceal likes on specific photos after they have been published.

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In general, adopting actions to hide Instagram likes can contribute to a more favorable and genuine social media experience. You may take advantage of Instagram’s advantages without the strain and stress that are frequently associated with it by putting genuine connections ahead of popularity.

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