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Instagram Schedule Post: How And Why Schedule Instagram Posts

To schedule posts on Instagram isn’t just convenient. It also ensures your posts remain consistent and better throughout your feed, and what’s even better – it saves you a ton of time.

Instead of having to spend up to an hour, or even more, creating the perfect post that will get your followers to engage with your content, you can do it all in one day.

Sounds crazy good, right?

This way, you’re freeing up the rest of your work week to things that need more attention from you, such as running your business.

In this article, I’ll go over everything you need to know about how and why you should schedule Instagram posts.

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4 Reasons Why Should Schedule Instagram Posts

Instagram account for scheduled posts

Before we start boring you with the technicalities of how to schedule Instagram posts in advance, let’s go over the reasons why you should do that.

Scheduling Posts Saves Time

The main reason why you should schedule Instagram posts (and all other social media posts) is that it saves you a ton of time.

Whether you’re running a business, managing multiple social media accounts, creating content, or anything in between – you probably have a lot on your plate. If you plan your content calendar well ahead of time, you’ll have more room for strategic brainstorming, making content, and managing your business.

This way, you can keep your content on a high level and create real-time posts only when you’re chasing a relevant trend.

Helps You Be Consistent

Any social media manager will undoubtedly tell you the key to their success is keeping their content creation consistent.

You don’t have to churn out a post every day – don’t worry – but it’s crucial you post content throughout the week so it keeps your audience engaged.

If you want to keep growing on Instagram, you need to brainstorm a content plan at least a week in advance – and that’s genuine advice. With content planned out, you can post it at the perfect time when most of your target audience is browsing the app.

Scheduling Posts on Instagram Helps You Write Better Captions

Crafting the perfect caption takes precious time – it’s certainly not something you can do on a whim.

What if you experience the dreaded writer’s block? Or make a spelling mistake? Or completely mess up the way you tell your brand’s story?

By scheduling your Instagram posts, you can set aside enough time to brainstorm ideas for posts and write high-quality captions.

On top of that, you’ll have more than enough time to include highly-search SEO keywords and relevant hashtags in said posts.

Scheduling Posts Helps You Keep Your Content Calendar Organized

Scheduling posts will keep your content calendar nice and neat.

This way, you’ll be able easier track your content’s success. In other words, you’ll be able to spot stuff that’s not working, stuff that’s working, and possible gaps in your content. These things are crucial for growth on this platform.

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How To Schedule Instagram Posts

schedule instagram stories

Up until recently, you couldn’t schedule posts on Instagram, right? The only way you could schedule content was via third-party services. Thankfully, Meta rolled out content not so long ago that dealt away with that little issue.

Now, you can schedule posts via the Instagram app or via Meta Business Suite.

Oh, one more thing before we dig deep into the tutorial. You need to have a business account on IG to have access to this feature. You can easily convert your private account into a business account if you don’t want to bother with creating a new one.

How To Schedule Posts Using The Instagram App

Scheduling content on the Instagram app is as simple as pie. Here’s how:

  • Fire up your Instagram app and tap on the plus icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Choose what content you want to post and edit it if you need to.
  • Once you’ve finished editing the Post or Reel and added the caption, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap on the Advanced Settings option.
screenshot of steps
  • There should be a schedule option in the new menu that’ll pop up. Tap on the switch to turn it on, and choose the date and time you want your post to go up.
screenshot of schedule posts
  • Once you’re done choosing the time and date, tap on the done button at the bottom of the screen to schedule the post.
  • You can always revise the posts by going to your Instagram profile, tapping the menu button and choosing the scheduled content option.

Keep in mind that you can schedule only 25 posts a day and 75 days in advance. That’s more than enough, though.

How To Schedule Posts Using Meta Business Suite

Editing posts on Instagram can be quite a pain, especially if you have a ton of work to do.

You just don’t have the freedom that more specialized tools such as Adobe Creative Cloud can provide. And even after you finish editing your content on a PC, you have to transfer the file to your phone, which can be a mild inconvenience.

Thankfully, you don’t have to use your phone to schedul stuff on IG. You can also use the Meta Business Suite. Here’s how:

  • Open the Meta Business suite and go to the Content menu. You can find the content menu button on the left side of the screen.
  • Now click on Create Reel or Create Post. You can also create IG Stories if you click on the down arrow next to the Create Post button and choose the Create Story option.
  • Next, choose the IG account you want to post to.
  • Create the post/story/reel you want to share.
  • Review the posts to ensure you’re happy with them.

All that’s left is to schedule the post. Click on the slider in the scheduling options and choose when you want the post to go live.

screenshot of how to schedule posts

And you’re all done. Congrats, you’ve just scheduled a post using Meta’s business suite!

Scheduling Instagram Posts: Tips And Best Practices

Here are some first-hand tips for scheduling your posts on Instagram and how to get the most out of it:

Post At The Perfect Time

Posting when your followers are online is important. Early engagement shows Instagram that your content is valuable. Simple cross-posting might not be effective because your Facebook audience may be active in the evenings, while your Instagram audience may be online in the afternoons.

The best way to figure out when your audience is most active is by experimenting with when you post and then looking at the analytics. If you start getting tons of engagement just a couple of minutes after posting, that’s when most of your audience is online.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Carousel posts for instagram business page

The question of how many hashtags to use on Instagram has sparked a lot of discussion on social media. According to a recent study, using 20-30 hashtags is recommended for the best reach and engagement.

However, it’s crucial to ensure that your hashtags are relevant to your content, audience, and business.

Don’t Forget To Include SEO Keywords In Your Captions

search engine optimization

Instagram’s Explore page is always changing, with new and improved search features introduced regularly. Now, you can search using keywords, not just hashtags, to find relevant content.

This indicates that the Explore page algorithm takes into account both the visual content and the words in your caption.

By including relevant keywords in your captions, your content might have a better chance of being discovered by people searching on the app.

Make Sure You Leave A Strong Visual Impression On Everyone Visiting Your Instagram Profile

schedule instagram posts ahead

Instagram is primarily a visual platform. Even though users now appreciate more authentic content, it’s still valuable to share photos and videos that align with your brand and are visually appealing.

Whether it’s vibrant colors or consistent branded illustrations, make sure your scheduled Instagram posts create a positive first impression for anyone visiting your profile.

This can, and will, significantly increase the likelihood of turning them into a follower and potential customer.

Final Comments on Scheduled Posts on Instagram

That about does it for today, folks. As you can see, scheduling posts on IG is a breeze. All you have to do is tap on the advanced options button and toggle the schedule option.

Now, if you want to keep your IG account growing, having all the content ready in advance is not enough.

The secret sauce is – you need a sidekick that’ll help you grow.

In other words, you need a good boost from your audience. And that’s exactly what Flock allows you to do.Sign up today and get followers that actually engage with your content!

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