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Instagram Zombie Accounts – If I Didn’t Do It Then Who?

Zombie Followers. If I Didn’t Do It Then Who?

What are Zombie accounts, how to spot them, and what do they want?!

We are all pretty familiar with the term Ghost profile or account. But what does it mean when a profile isn’t 100% dead like a ghost? 

No, it’s not being cast for the new Walking Dead series. But we do call it a Zombie account

Instagram zombie accounts are second or even third profiles of a person or brand on Instagram. Its only purpose is to forward traffic to the main account. 

And Zombie Followers? They originate from such profiles. And the best part? It can never actually be traced back to the original profile.

Basically, we’re talking about self-promo. It’s all fun and games until we figure out if it actually works.

In this blog, we want to debunk and unfold three things:

  • How Zombie profiles work;

  • The “Zombie self-promo” results – a.k.a does it work?!

  • How to set up a Zombie profile of your own;


With all this in mind, there’s a lot of information floating around here. Since we sort of dropped you into this phenomenon, let’s explain it.

So let’s see what we’re truly up against. 

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Are They Actually Out For Brains?

Much like actual movie zombies – these zombie accounts are neither alive nor dead. They are just walking around Instagram with one goal in mind – brains. A.k.a, potential new zombie followers for the main profile. 

And we know what you’re thinking…”How the heck are they doing that?” Buckle up Instagrammers, it’s time to take a trip to Zombieland.

We’ll make up a scenario to explain the science behind this Insta-equation.

Let’s say you are an up-and-coming beauty influencer on the ‘gram. Your niche content is makeup, fashion, travel, and lifestyle. 

Pretty sunsets, amazing food pics, and colorful makeup looks? You know exactly the type we’re talking about. 

There are so many profiles dedicated to reposting content from the biggest influencers. 

Well, what if you were the one behind that sort of profile? You would, of course, post all of the greats on there, right? 

Big names and lavish pics are a must… But every now and then, you’d add a picture from your own account and tag yourself. Same as you would with all the others.


Setting up Zombie Accounts – Let us Break it Down for you Real Quick:

Create a profile dedicated to posting content like your own. Find your niche and mass follow those accounts. Choose your most popular pictures and post them on the Zombie account.

Tag yourself, duh. 

And boom – that profile will grow for aesthetic pleasure. Yours will grow from the free promo you’ll be getting on every other post. 

Due to the diversity in content, the profile won’t be traced back to a particular person or brand. 

In the meantime, all the traffic created will be forwarded to your main profile.

You wouldn’t even have to write captions like: “Check this user out guys, so cool”. The sheer fact your pic is on an “aesthetic page” is reason enough for users to check you out.

And now that we know how it works – it’s time to inspect if it works in the first place.


The Zombie Profile Aftermath – Any Survivors?

There are a number of things that influence the success of a Zombie profile. Contrary to a regular profile trying to make it big – zombie accounts offer more than just pictures. 

They offer aesthetically pleasing and inspiring content from big and attention-grabbing names.

And in the middle of those, there’s you.

So, how successful is a zombie account at channeling all this traffic? Very successful, according to Dominik Spieler’s research

They were able to accumulate around 500 new zombie followers in two weeks. 

“But how about ten times 500 people every two weeks? That would be at least 10,000 followers every month. With twenty zombies that would already be 20,000 every…..single….month.”

The most important thing is to nail the niche game and post awesome content. Also, working on your own pictures to match the quality of the already posted ones is a bonus. 

The difference between the big names’ content and yours shouldn’t be visible. That’s the real game-changer.

In conclusion, the zombie account is as successful as you’re willing to make it. And the zombie followers? Well, there’s always plenty of those. At least 500 every two weeks.

Now that we’ve really sparked your interest…It’s time to learn how to set up one of these zombie accounts for yourself. 


How To Create a Zombie Army?

If you have the time and are interested in such ways of self-promo – this method is a gold mine for you. Here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll need to do:

  • Find your niche and describe your style;

  • Create the profile and brand it; (Profile picture, username, and  bio);

  • Prepare a couple of posts from Instagram or Pinterest;

  • Create a schedule;


There are numerous things you can dedicate this zombie account to. But here are a few examples and themes you can start with:

  • Beauty
  • Travel
  • Sports/fitness
  • Inspirational profile
  • Memes
  • Nature and animals
  • A specific profession
  • Art and drawings
  • Fun facts


And many more of course. It all depends on what your main profile is about. You want to find something that fits your style first.

There are a number of technical requirements to look out for. Especially if you want to create more than one zombie account:

  • Creating multiple Instagram profiles on the same device is tricky. It leaves a device ID footprint. If not careful, the breadcrumbs might be traced back to you eventually!

  • The IP address breadcrumbs: turning airplane mode on/off on a 4G will create a new IP address every time. This way, your activity won’t all originate from the same one.


All of these are just prevention actions to keep in mind. It’s important to stay safe and protect your main profile!


Brand The Apocalypse – The Username, Logo and Bio

It’s always best to choose a short and memorable Username – without any numbers and signs. 

You can always try a Username Generator if you lack inspiration. Simply put some of your fave things as examples and let it give you samples!


As for your profile picture, you can just choose a stylish photo. However, Logos are possibly more memorable and eye-catching

Especially if they are branded for your profile specifically. Looka.com can help you come up with a great Logo super fast. And just like that, your profile seems to be coming together already!

Bios should always be sleek, stylish, and informative. Try using emojis as well, they are a great way to capture users’ attention. Play with different fonts, use fitting quotes, and always make sure it comes off as original.

Pro tip: Be careful not to use a similar description as on your main account!

But we don’t want to be all talk and no play. Creating amazing Bios can be quite difficult at times…We’ve all been there!

So now that you’re done with the basics. It’s time to set up a schedule for your zombie account. More importantly, always make sure you have content prepped in advance. 

For better photo quality, give Pinterest a try. It’s a great website to find tasteful content in bulks. 

Set up an easy schedule and stick to it. You can always give INSERT SOME POST SCHEDULING LINK HERE a try – it will make your job a lot easier.

Make sure to share all content equally and deliver value. That means you shouldn’t share your own pictures more than others. There needs to be a balance. 

You will risk exposing your main profile otherwise. 

The key is to link to your main account inside the post and nowhere else.

The zombie followers that would come from this profile would be very targeted too. You would only attract those who are genuinely interested in your type of content.

Looking for more Followers?

So…is It Worth It?

Now that you are all set up, it’s time to raid some zombies…Or better yet, zombie followers. This method of attracting new followers is just one of many. 

It’s also better suited for users who have time to dedicate to this zombie account project. A fun project to say the least. So..is it worth it? That depends on no one but you. Well, you and your goals.

If you have the time and interest, a scheme like this one is a great opportunity! You might have all the interest and no time. Thankfully, there are services that have your best interest and plenty of time to spare.

Do you really want to boost your Instagram game? But maybe lack the time to dedicate to it fully? Try giving Flock Social a shot.

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