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All You Need to Know About the “Support Small Businesses” Sticker On Instagram

With the sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic at the beginning of the year, life as we knew it changed forever. From the original shock, anxiety, and fear, to joining TikTok and doing COVID-19 live videos, we coped the best way we knew how. And, given the new findings, it looks like we’re about to be dealing for more than we expected, as the second wave of Coronavirus is approaching. 


The world economy took a severe hit, causing many people to lose their jobs and businesses to close. Though experiencing losses and cutbacks, the big players still managed to find alternative ways to stay afloat. Yet, small business owners weren’t as lucky. The global lockdown blocked their income streams, and, aside from the ones relying on the online aspect of their business, suffered tremendously. Most had to close completely, while others are struggling to keep up.

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Enter Instagram Small Business Support from March 2020. Brand new Stories sticker designed to help small businesses navigate these trying times. “Support Small Business” allows small businesses to get more attention and reach bigger audiences. This Instagram for business feature works as a free recommendation by the IG community, and the audiences are loving it. A brilliant solution to anyone wondering how to support a small business they value and help them stay afloat. 



The Use

Immediately after the release, our Instagram Stories sections were flooded with stories of people showing appreciation for or recommending a small business of their choice.

Along with boosting their reach, the stickers help businesses stay top of mind with their regular audience and customers. The brilliant idea behind the Instagram for small businesses sticker is that, once a business is mentioned directly in the sticker, it provides a preview of the account visible to all the account followers that posted it. 

The Stories containing the sticker are shared in the collective IG Story so that the mentioned businesses get even greater visibility. Meaning – if you highlight a business, it becomes visible to your followers and the companies they mentioned. This way, businesses also can shout out each other, helping their partners get more attention. Also, the businesses mentioned in the Stories, can add these to their UGC collection and repost to get even better results

Pro tip: When users post your business on their Story, it’s automatically ranked as the 1st Story for their Followers


The Ongoing Relevance of the Sticker

As we are witnessing lately, the curve has flattened and then climbed again. Reopened bars, local shops, and many small businesses are closing again, and the new normal seems gloomy for a lot of small businesses that need our support now more than ever.

And, of course, with the new developments in the Black Lives Matter movement with more people becoming aware and willing to bring about positive change to black communities, the movement spread to black-owned businesses as well. 

Celebs, influencers, and regular folks all took to Instagram to support black-owned businesses. They spread the word on many outstanding black entrepreneurs, artists, and business owners using cool Instagram stickers for business.

It’s safe to say we will see a lot more use of the Support Small Businesses Sticker On Instagram going forward.


How to Use Instagram’s Support Small Business Sticker

Now that we’ve established its efficacy, it’s time to learn how to use it and make sure we’re making the most out of it. The simple step-by-step guide will help you become an ambassador to small businesses on Instagram you love and trust and help boost their brand during these challenging times.

Step 1

Create the post for IG Story.

Step 2

Import it to Stories, and press the Stickers icon at the top.

Step 3

Select the Support Small Business Sticker from the sticker menu.

Step 4

Type in the IG username of the business you want to highlight.

Step 5

Tap the username of the business you want to support from the list of suggested accounts.

Step 6

Choose different Instagram name sticker options (rotate, resize, and change the position on the screen). Tap on the sticker to choose different versions of it.

Share your IG Story and help the businesses you support get the attention they deserve.

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The Support Small Business Sticker is part of the Instagram COVID-19 resource library that compiles all the features, tips, and tricks helping businesses manage the crisis. These and similar initiatives are genuinely essential in these times as they help the economy and inspire a sense of connectedness and support among Instagram’s diverse communities.

Stay tuned for more Instagram tips for small businesses and everything IG growth.

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