Best Instagram Clothing Boutiques

Your ultimate guide to top Instagram fashion boutiques So you’ve had enough of your same ol’ online clothing boutiques, and wish to try something different? Maybe a different style or just some new ideas to freshen up your wardrobe? We’ve got just the list for you. We’ve searched above and beyond Instagram to curate the […]

Top Instagram Updates You Need to Know in 2021

2021 picked up where the tumultuous 2020 left off, at least when it comes to Instagram updates.  In addition to the Covid-19 pandemic and several major social justice battles we had to fight, 2020 has brought a great deal of new features and updates to our favorite social media platform. Instagram stayed on top of […]

Influencer Marketing Trends for 2021

It looks like we’ve made it through the toughest year many of us remember. It’s finally that time when we can make some new resolutions filled with hopes of a better future. And, while we are at it, why not throw in some predictions and future trends.  Influencers and content creators have kept us sane […]

The 2020 Year in Review: The Biggest Instagram Updates You Need to Know

What a year! It’s been the longest and the shortest of years at the same time, filled with an enormous amount of ups and downs in all life areas.  As we’re slowly settling into 2021, it’s time to recap what Instagram has been up to the past year.  Get ready for some serious tb to […]

The Most Followed Instagram Accounts in 2020

How and why these accounts became the most followed on Instagram Instagram has undoubtedly become one of the biggest social media platforms of today. Over the last 5 years, folks from all across the internet have started using Instagram. And its usage has grown x10 during that time. In June of 2018, it exceeded 1 […]