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How Flock Social Can Help You Grow Your Followers Organically?

Real is the name of our game – and organic growth is the engine that drives us every day to help you take your Instagram potential to the next level.

How do I get organic Instagram followers,” you may ask.

Don’t worry; we’ll break it all down.

Here at Flock Social, we believe getting many organic Instagram followers almost automatically is possible. We’re talking organic, 100% real followers. No spammy comments, no risk – and no suspicious behavior.

The mission behind our Instagram growth services is simple:

Getting real engagement and high-quality followers straight to your IG account.

Flock Social originated from the belief that original ideas and good businesses should get all the attention they deserve. With a simple 3-minute setup, anyone can get substantial IG growth completely safe and organically.

If you’d like to learn more about how Flock Social can help you grow your followers organically and turn your Instagram into a powerful lead-generation channel, stick around!

Why You Need It?

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Are you a brand or an influencer looking to get verified on Instagram? Or an Instagrammer researching how to become an Instagram influencer?

Your number one priority should be getting more Instagram organic followers.

Aside from feeling good and validated, the business side of it is clear – the more people you have following you, the easier it gets to monetize it all.

For brands –  As a brand, having more organic Instagram followers on your side means social proof, better reach, more engagement – and, ultimately, more sales. That’s why you need an Instagram growth service – and perhaps even a dedicated account manager.

For influencers – The benefits of having a wider audience for influencers include social proof and getting better brand deals. It’s almost like a “currency” – your rates as an influencer are directly correlated to the number of followers you have.

It seems logical, right?

Yet, Instagram has no tools or ads to help you get new organic followers quickly.

So, now, what?

Some people take the “black hat” route and buy new (fake) followers. Many schemes and deals promise to get you a guaranteed 10,000 new followers for a bargain price.

That, however, is a huge no-no.

It’s not organic Instagram growth; it’s a quick fix that can get you banned altogether from the social network.

Others trust the slow, organic growth process and employ smart strategies to boost their following gradually. You can check out our guide about Instagram followers to learn how to make your IG profile growth-friendly.

Man checking number of followers on his phone

Obviously, your Instagram account must reflect your values and business goals – and organic growth is the way to go, no doubt.

But that alone will rarely be enough to get new followers.

Think about it:

How many of you actually have a year or two to dedicate to growing your account?

The fast pace of today’s business environment pushes us to act fast. It’s a go-big-or-go-home world at this point.

So, you’ll likely have to subscribe to the best Instagram growth services – and that’s where Flock Social comes into play:

Our tested and secure solution will get you there faster – while staying on the real and organic side. We can provide you with monthly engaged followers rather than fake accounts.

As one of the top Instagram growth services, we firmly believe in growth optimization on different social media platforms.

We can be your account manager for your TikTok account, too!  

To help you get a clearer picture of what we can do for you, we’ve created a list that perfectly outlines what our Instagram growth service is – and isn’t.

What you won’t Get with FS?

First things first, let’s debunk all the possible concerns you may have, and clear the air on what you won’t get with Flock Social.

  • No Bots – Flock Social is a sophisticated piece of software that uses top-notch AI human-like behavior. Meaning – You are safe from getting targeted as suspicious by IG. No bot-like behavior. Entirely in line with IG terms of service. Guaranteed.
  • No banned profile – We get it, there are so many tools out there promising a quick win, and all you get in return is an immediate ban from Instagram. No need to worry here. With an advanced analysis of Instagram terms of service, we guarantee the organic flow of actions Flock Social generates will in no way get you into trouble as the interaction is 100% natural and neat.
  • No fake users – Our policy on getting fake users is clear – no one should resort to this. There’s simply no point. Aside from being so obviously ungenuine and staged, the fake engagement creates no real results to any business or influencer. Moreover, it can get you into serious trouble with IG. We believe in actual results, with 100% real, targeted, organic Instagram followers, and promise to deliver just that. Our smart technology successfully detects fake behavior and automatically discards these from the potential list of followers. With Flock Social, you can be absolutely positive you’re not wasting your resources on dead-ends.

Growing Your Audience Organically: What You Get With Flock Social

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With Flock Social, you’ll get all you were promised – and more:

  • Targeted Followers – Stop wasting time engaging with fake followers – or anything less than an ideal audience and a good follower base. Streamline the process of gaining organic followers on Instagram without lifting a finger. We understand how difficult it is to navigate the business environment nowadays, so we’ll handle the heavy lifting for you. While you’re busy focusing on the big things, we’ll be in the background, ensuring your message is delivered to the right people.
  • Real Engagement – No spammy comments, massive follow/unfollow actions, or likes. Our smart tech brings you in front of the actual followers and accounts you can engage with authentically.
  • Conversions – Our super specific, smart targeting filters will get you where you want to be faster. By following, engaging with, and getting your message in front of your target buyer persona, we promise you’ll get to real conversions quickly. Clever, right?

Try it today to see all of this – and much more – in action!

Looking for more Followers?

What You WON’T Get With Flock Social

Woman hesitates to buy Instagram followers

And now, let’s debunk any concerns you might have about using our Instagram growth service and clear the air on what you won’t get with Flock Social:

  • No Bots – Flock Social’s sophisticated software uses top-notch AI to recreate human-like behavior. And no bot-like behavior means you’re safe from getting flagged as “suspicious” by IG. Everything’s in line with IG’s terms of service; that’s a guarantee.
  • No Banned Profile – We get it, there are so many tools out there promising a quick win, but all you get in return is an immediate ban from Instagram. No need to worry. With an advanced analysis of Instagram’s terms of service, we guarantee the organic flow of actions Flock Social generates will in no way get you into trouble. Every interaction is 100% natural and neat.
  • No Fake Users – Our policy on getting fake users is clear – no one should resort to this. There’s simply no point. Aside from being so obviously ungenuine and staged, the phony engagement creates no real results for any business or influencer. Moreover, it can get you into serious trouble with IG. We believe in actual results, with 100% real, targeted, organic Instagram followers, and promise to deliver just that. Our smart technology successfully detects fake behavior and automatically discards these from the potential list of followers. With Flock Social, you can be positive you’re not wasting your resources on dead-ends.

How Does Flock Social Work?

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Sign up, answer a couple of questions – and you’re good to go.

Yes, it’s that simple.

You can finally put your follower growth on auto-pilot in a few straightforward steps and see the first results almost immediately.

Here’s how it works:

Start by using our smart filters to create a list of competitors, similar brands, and influencers – or find accounts identical to yours. You can also add new targets by user, hashtag, and location.

Then, add all of these to the list and set up targeting settings.

Here, you can set metrics like target health, gender, engagement rate, followers, following, media, and much more. These targeting features make us the industry leaders, allowing you to go over the Instagram algorithm and find users genuinely interested in your Instagram content.

Oh, and you can also choose specific words to use as a filter to discard suspicious profiles that don’t align with your values or promote sensitive topics or inappropriate content.

Our targeting options will help you grow organically – and get a lot of new monthly followers.

Laptop and cup of coffee on a table

That’s how you engage with the targeted, high-quality users – except you’re not doing any work. Our growth service is doing it for you.

FS is your one solution for auto-pilot organic IG growth.

Once you’ve added your suggested targets, Flock Social will automatically engage with your target audience and follow and unfollow active accounts.

But unlike the mass actions of suspicious bots, our growth service has perfected the follow/unfollow game so that it mirrors real human behavior. The extensive list of in-built parameters allows only real profiles that fit your buyer-persona profile.

Get ideal leads through your IG, and eliminate those that don’t engage as they’re not your perfect customers – no time wasted.

What Makes Us Different From Other Instagram Growth Services?

A group of women taking a selfie for Instagram

You don’t have to be an Instagram expert or skilled marketer to notice many similar growth services on the market these days. That’s no surprise; IG is a huge market, and everyone wants a piece of the pie.

The problem with similar services, though, is that not one of them promises real, tangible results.

And that’s where we believe our Instagram growth service wins the game.

Still skeptical?

Give us a minute.

Here are the most important benefits of our Instagram growth service that set us apart from any similar growth tool on the market:

  • Continuous Growth – We don’t believe in one-hit wonders or scams that eventually stop delivering results. That’s usually the case with the “10,00- followers-guaranteed” services that sell fake followers, fake influencers, likes, and comments. Our organic approach guarantees safe and gradual growth five times better, ten times faster – and 100% secure.
  • Real Followers – Real increase in real, organic Instagram followers. No bots. Our smart software technology tracks real people deciding to follow you.
  • More Engagement – We all know that more engagement means more opportunities for lead nurturing and sales.
  • Smart Targeting & Filtering – We use advanced targeting options to ensure that you get super-specific targeted followers. There’s no risk of engaging with accounts that promote content you don’t support.
  • User-Friendly Dashboard & Analytics – The intuitive and user-friendly dashboard allows further customization, while the advanced analytics tool helps you track your progress.

Flock Social’s Pricing Plans: Instagram Growth Service For Every Goal & Budget

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We’ve outlined our most popular pricing plans and their essential features below to help you decide on the subscription option that best suits your requirements. Our unmatched pricing deals help you get more bang for your buck.

And you know what’s the cool part?

You can cancel anytime – but we’re sure you won’t.

Instagram Rising Star

Ideal for individual profiles and aspiring Instagrammers/influencers that want to test the waters before committing full-time.

For only $49 per month, the Instagram Rising Star plan includes many powerful features that can take your IG game to the next level with moderate growth and zero influencer marketing.

  • Get more than 600 new real followers monthly
  • Schedule interactions
  • Target accounts by location, hashtag, and competition
  • Get access to advanced insights & analytics tools on the Flock Social dashboard
  • Get access to Instagram tools
  • Gain access to Instagram pods
  • Use advanced targeting options

Instagram as a Business

This advanced plan is predominantly designed for influencers, businesses, and agencies in it for the big wins. The fixed price of only $99 monthly allows you to skyrocket your Instagram growth with an average of 1,000 new organic followers.

The “Instagram as a Business” plan covers everything the “Rising Star” plan does, plus a robust set of additional features that can make a difference:

  • Get gender targeting
  • Get a monthly call with a personal account manager
  • Get advanced filtering options
  • Get priority support and consulting

Subscribe today and join our list of 9,000+ successfully grown Instagram accounts!

How Do You Grow Instagram Followers Organically: Additional Methods You Can Try In 2023

organically grow your Instagram

Instagram growth services can only get you so far regarding organic Instagram growth. Sometimes, even the best Instagram growth services won’t help you bring new followers or reach your target audience if your priorities aren’t right.

Your social media strategy needs to be flawless and focused on providing quality content for your Instagram profile rather than keeping up with the follower count.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of different methods you can try to attract active Instagram users in your niche.

Consistent Posting Schedule

There are many different things you can do to attract followers – and one of them is to post regularly.

If you want to organically attract a new audience on Instagram and other social media platforms, post as regularly as possible rather than once in a blue moon.

We advise you to plan your Instagram Stories and posts for your growth strategy. This way, your profile will serve high-quality content constantly, attracting genuine followers and increasing your Instagram engagement rate.

Cross-Promote Content

Sometimes, you won’t find all your potential followers on Instagram – you can also find relevant users on other platforms.

So, to attract authentic users and get a better engagement rate, you should promote your content on other social media platforms, too.

Most of your followers on other networks have Instagram, too – and this allows you to get a steady stream of just the right followers. Since these Instagram users made it to your profile through genuine interactions, your followers will increase quickly.

Hashtag Targeting

If you want to grow your Instagram, using hashtags can help you get the exposure you want. With hashtags on posts and Reels, more people will see – and, hopefully, follow – your account.

That said, be sure to use relevant hashtags related to your Instagram profile. You can also try competitor targeting for natural growth.

Work with Influencers

Sometimes, collaborating with influencers can be a good additional method – besides using Instagram growth tools – to get users to engage with your Instagram account and your content automatically.


Influencers typically have a strong social media presence and a considerable follower count, and collaboration can get some of those users to follow you, too.

Post at Your Followers’ Most Active Times

To reach most of your followers and ensure you’re not wasting the potential of your Instagram account, you should post at the most busy times – when most of your followers are online.

Instagram Insights can tell you about the most active times – while Flock Social’s Instagram growth services can help you schedule posts for your Instagram account.

There’s no need to be online at those times, by the way. You can simply create posts ahead of time and queue them – and you’ll see organic Instagram growth in a matter of weeks.

Post Highlights

Highlights are a group of Stories you can save on your profile for your followers to see – and, unlike regular Stories, they do not expire after 24 hours.

You can also organize them into little groups – such as different events and product launches. This addition to your profile ensures that fewer of your followers miss your Story updates – especially those about giveaways, for example.

However, you can’t just post Highlights; they need to look neat and organized.

On that note, we advise you to pick a neutral thumbnail to make your feed look organized, too. Making a theme out of your profile can help you land lots of new followers.

Ready For Real, Organic Instagram Growth?

Instagram growth service

Now that you know how Flock Social can help you grow your followers organically and why we’re the best Instagram growth service out there, it’s time to feel that organic growth on your Instagram account.

Growing social media can be a pain, and it’s hard to know who to trust in the sea of Instagram growth services.

Most do not offer organic Instagram growth; they rely on buying followers.

Flock Social promises to help you reach your goals easily – and organically.

Subscribe to Flock Social today and see Flock Social features in action on your business or personal accounts!

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