How to Beat the Instagram Reels Algorithm


Instagram Reels is all the rave at the moment. 

Influencers, brands, and regular folks are jumping on the trend. Funny, relatable bits, behind the scenes at events, remixes, and quick tutorials are all over Instagram. 

And audiences can’t get enough. 

But the best part – the Instagram algorithm prioritizes accounts that do Reels. 

If you, too, are looking to capitalize on Instagram Reels for your account or business, read on. 

We’re breaking down all the best hacks to beat the Instagram Reels algorithm and get your account all the love and exposure it deserves.

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Why Instagram Reels are So Important 

First up, let’s do a quick intro to help you better understand why Instagram Reels matter that much. 

  • Reels encompass all the audience wants in content. If you think about it, audiences come to Instagram to get their daily dose of entertainment. They can also learn a few tricks, search for trends, and recently do some shopping. And it’s not a secret that video is the most popular content format. Reels let you do all that, and then some. Fun, short, super entertaining videos that allow plenty of additional editing functionalities, AR effects, music, and Remix features, IG Reels are your all-in-one engagement booster
  • Instagram Reels are your best shot at getting discovered by a new audience. Located at the center of the navigation bar, with a separate Reels button on the Explore page and the Auto-play option, Reels are allowing users instant exposure to a broad audience. Add the amazing functionality to have your Reels displayed to users that don’t necessarily follow your account, and you’ve got an Instagram engagement holy grail. 
  • You’ll get on Instagram’s good side. There’s a lot we still don’t know about the tricky Instagram algorithm, but one thing is sure – Instagram loves accounts that create Reels. Brands and creators that adopted Reels from the beginning are already seeing huge returns. The views on their reel videos are going up to a couple of million, and they see fantastic ROI. This is mainly because Instagram Reels are located on the Explore page. This is a massive benefit as even the people who don’t follow you get to see your videos. And, as your content reaches more people, there’s more chance a lot of them will start following you regularly.


For more in-depth exploration into how Instagram Reels work, be sure to check out our ultimate guide on the blog.


How Instagram Reels Algorithm Works

Now that we understand all the major benefits of creating Instagram Reels content, let’s discover how the algorithm works. So you can hack it better and reap out all the rewards that come with it. 

Essentially, there are four most important points to understand how Instagram Reels algorithm works. 

You’ll see that it pretty much follows the same principles as the standard Instagram algorithm. 

  • First of all, it keeps count on what people like. Meaning, if a person has liked content on natural skincare, the algorithm will show more content on skincare to them. 
  • Engagement plays a huge part. The logic behind this is – the number of likes, comments, or shares a piece of content gets is a clear signal people like it, find it interesting, funny, relatable, intriguing… 
  • Time also factors in when it comes to the Instagram Reels algorithm. Meaning, a Reel that gets many engagement minutes after posting clearly carries a lot of value for users. So the algorithm will make sure more people see it. 
  • Finally, the Instagram algorithm values frequency. This is a no-brainer. You’re compensated for the time you spend creating, editing, posting, and promoting your Instagram Reels content. Moreover, most recent Instagram updates and new features are geared towards content creators and influencers using Instagram as their number one platform. This shows they are willing to acknowledge and reward your time and effort and the value you bring to the platform’s community.


In a post published on their Creators account, Instagram tried to demystify how Instagram Reels algorithm works. One of the most significant factors they disclosed has to do with content from other apps. Namely, the algorithm will deprioritize recycled content from TikTok or any other content containing watermarks or logos from other apps. This will significantly affect content’s discoverability in the Reels tab.


In addition, low-quality content won’t get supported either. 

And this, in a nutshell, is how Instagram Reels algorithm works. 

Next up, we’ll break down all the best tips and tricks on how to make it work for you.


How to Beat the Instagram Reels Algorithm

Now for the part you’ve been all waiting for – a guide to hacking the Instagram Reels algorithm. 

The best part – these are all Instagram-approved tips and guidelines on how to get more discoverability and love for your Reels videos. In the same post mentioned earlier, Instagram also gave a thorough list of actionable tips on boosting your Instagram Reels discoverability. 

Entertainment above all

First of all, Instagram mentions the value for the user. Upon researching how users react to Instagram Reels videos and what they want to see more, Instagram has discovered that the entertainment factor plays a huge role. Therefore, if you’re going to beat the Instagram Reels algorithm, your first order of business is to let loose, and start creating fun, buzzy attention-grabbers to post to your Instagram Reels. Make people laugh by exploring relatable, trending topics, or add an unexpected twist to popular topics and get all the likes. 

Instagram Reels algorithm prioritizes original Reels content 

Next up, Instagram suggests becoming a trendsetter in your own right. Get creative and try to start a unique trend people will get inspired to react to or copy. This is not the most straightforward task exactly. However, you’ll be surprised how much there is in your own personal experience you can draw from. 

Find a specific and unique story representative of your community, upbringing, or family, and tell it from a unique point of view. You’ll find how universal all of those personal stories are once the comments start rolling in. The same goes for brands. Explore different angles and storylines that haven’t been done before and add your unique brand voice and perspective for an original, recognizable style. 

Get creative with your Instagram Reels 

Instagram Reels algorithm prefers creative Reels content. It makes perfect sense, come to think of it. Creators that put a lot of effort into creating really amazing, creative videos certainly deserve more attention. They should have their videos promoted to a larger audience. Play with different text styles, add exciting filters and camera effects for better discoverability

Vertical video 

Use vertical video orientation for Instagram Reels if you want the algorithm to prioritize your videos. Again, another no-brainer. Vertical videos are simply easier to consume, and also they’re more easily recreated or Remixed to. 

Use original music

To promote and recommend your Reels videos to more users that don’t follow you yet, Instagram also discloses they will prioritize Reels that use “music from the Instagram music library and/or original audio you create or find on Reels.” 

Experiment with Instagram Reels

Finally, don’t forget to express yourself. Instagram supports originality and creators and brand voices that are willing to try something new and be themselves. There’s nothing wrong with following the trends, but every once in a while, try to go the extra mile and create unique content that reflects your ideas or brand. Try different things and see what best resonates with your audience. 

How Flock Social can help

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Although relatively new and still pretty vague, the Instagram Reels algorithm isn’t that hard to beat. Just follow the tips and guidelines suggested by Instagram. Soon, you’ll notice many benefits that include improved discoverability, follower growth, engagement boost, and even better sales.

Of course, don’t forget to try new things, experiment, and start your own trends. That way, you’ll learn more about what your audience likes and optimize better. Moreover, by creating original content, pioneering new styles and trends, you’ll also learn more about the Instagram Reels algorithm first-hand. 

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