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Instagram Not Refreshing? Steps to Resolve This Common Hiccup

According to the internet, users spend an average of 30 minutes on Instagram. While you’re scrolling your Instagram app, you realize that something isn’t budging.

Instagram not refreshing? It’s definitely a frustrating feeling.

Nonetheless, these hiccups are more common than you think with both iPhone and Android users. The point is – they’re solvable. Once you get to the bottom of this Instagram feed error, it’s easy to get back on track.

So, if you’ve experienced this Instagram error more than once, you’re at the right place.

Scroll down, and let’s get to the bottom of this issue together.

4 Common Causes for Instagram’s Refresh Issues

A woman having trouble with the internet connection.

Common internet hiccups with Instagram are very often, and the reasons for that vary from one user to another. Sometimes, your Instagram feed won’t refresh because your internet connection is weak, and other times it’s Instagram server issues.

Below, we listed the four most common reasons for a feed refresh error.

Internet Connectivity Concerns

Before you go crazy about your Instagram account, make sure to check your internet connection.

You’ll find that most times, your solution is within reach – more precisely, in your room.

If you’re connected via Wi Fi, go over to your router and check the stability of your internet connection. If it’s week, that might be the reason behind your refresh feed error. Sometimes, it helps to turn off and turn on your rooter. Go to the ‘Restart option’ and check your connection once again.

If you’re connected via mobile data, do the same. Tap the ‘Mobile data’ button to switch it on and off. You could also try switching to wi fi if your connection is stronger there. Also, here’s an idea – check whether your mobile data ran out.

That could also be the reason why your Insta is stuck.

Outdated App Versions

Maybe it’s time to update your Instagram.

We all spend hours on end scrolling, posting, and chatting on this platform that we completely forget that, every once in a while, Instagram updates its features and terms of policy.

If an outdated version is the source of your problem, just go to the ‘Google Play Store’ or ‘Apple Store’ on your mobile device and click on update. This’ll take a few minutes tops, and once it’s done, just open the app again and try to refresh your Instagram feed.

Overloaded Cache and Data

Instagram cache, which is a repository of temporary data, can become overloaded at times. When this happens, it causes performance issues, or in this case, it prevents your Insta from refreshing its feed.

It’s important to note that this is a common issue with both Android and iPhone users. The memory can get jammed up with both. So, to fix Instagram’s cache overload, you can simply take the easy and recommended route and clear Instagram’s cache and temporary files through the app settings.

This simple process frees up storage space in your account and resolves slow loading or crashing problems.

In more severe cases, where your phone is completely overloaded, you may need to clear your device’s data for Instagram, which will require you to reinstall Instagram.

Server Outages or Issues

It’s not uncommon for Instagram users to occasionally encounter server outages or issues resulting in error messages like “Instagram couldn’t refresh feed.

This problem is usually due to Instagram servers not working correctly. As you can see, sometimes it’s not you – it’s the app itself.

To resolve it, ensure your app is up to date, that you’re using the latest version, and your internet connection is stable – if you check these, and it’s not the problem, it’s definitely the server, and it’s up to you to wait.

If the issue persists, however, and it’s been a while since your Instagram has been working, it may be a broader problem. In such cases, you can contact Instagram support.

Remember that staying patient and informed during server outages is crucial.

Solutions to the Refreshing Problem

Here’s the central element, the core aspect of this article – the how-to’s. Below are the steps on how to fix the refresh feed error on your iPhone and Android device.

Checking and Improving Internet Connection

Here are a couple of valuable tips to check and improve your internet connection for a seamless Insta experience.

  • Make sure that you’re connected to the correct network.
  • If your internet is low, you can use speed test tools like Ookla’s Speedtest or Fast.com to assess your internet speed. If you’re operating a professional Instagram account, you need fast internet.
  • If the internet is too slow, try unplugging the power source, wait for 30 seconds, then plug it back in.
  • Disconnect and reconnect to your Wi-Fi network to establish a fresh connection.
  • Update Your Router’s Firmware. Visit your router’s admin panel and check for firmware updates. Keeping it up to date can improve performance.
  • If you’re using a VPN or proxy, it may affect your connection. Try disconnecting it to see if that resolves the issue.

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Updating to the Latest Instagram Version

Here’s how to update Instagram in just a couple of steps. These steps apply to both iPhone and Android devices.

  • Go to ‘Google Play Store’ or ‘Apple Store.’
  • In the search bar, type in Instagram.
The seach bar on Instagram.
  • Tap on the ‘Update’ option. In a couple of minutes, it should look like this:
The latest version of Instagram open button.

That’s your queue – click on ‘Open’ and try to refresh the feed.

Clearing Cache and Data for a Fresh Start

  • Open Settings on your phone.
The Settings icon on your phone.
  • Scroll down to ‘Apps.’
The apps option in Settings.
  • Search for the Instagram icon, and tap on it. Click on ‘Storage.’
The Storage option.
  • Tap on ‘Clear cache’ in the bottom right corner or ‘Clear data.’

Waiting Out Server-related Issues

Here, the option would be just to wait until t the server is fixed and working properly, and you can refresh Instagram without any problems.

If you’ve ruled out all other issues and checked your Instagram settings, sit back and chill until you can open Instagram again, refresh your feed, and continue scrolling.

When to Seek Further Assistance

The issues of internet connection and Instagram cache data are pretty common. It can happen two or three times, but when it becomes a regular problem, that’s when the line is crossed, and you need to seek further assistance.

Reaching Out to the Instagram Help Center

Here’s how to reach out to Instagram’s help center.

  • Click on your profile picture in the bottom right corner.
Instagram profile picture.
  • Tap on the hamburger icon in the top right corner.
The hamburger icon.
  • Choose ‘Settings and Privacy.
Settings and privacy option
  • Scroll down to ‘Help.’
The help option.
  • Shake your phone to report a problem.
Report a problem.

That’s it. Write to Instagram’s help center about your refresh feed error.

Engaging with User Communities for Solutions

It’s not uncommon for users to search for help on how to fix Instagram with user communities and groups on other platforms. Do your research – there are surely Facebook groups that deal with common Instagram hiccups such as this one.

Conclusion: Resolving Instagram’s Tech Hiccups

That’s a wrap, folks. We’ve gone through everything and, most importantly, answered the question about why your Instagram is not refreshing. The reasons for this can vary – from poor internet connection to device-specific problems and even cache.

The important thing is that every potential issue that we mentioned along the way is solvable, and by following our steps and relying on our first-hand tips, your Instagram will be fixed in a jiff.

One last thing, though.

For a 10/10 Instagram experience and a community buzzing with real and engaging followers, sign up for Flock Social. Our tool is your right-hand man for a seamless Instagram experience!

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