What Can Followers See on A Professional vs Personal Account?

From its inception in 2010, Instagram has transformed from a simple photo-sharing app to a robust business platform.

Today, it’s not just about sharing moments over lunch; it’s about professional networking, brand building, and real-time business operations.

As a user, one can fine-tune both visibility and displayed content.

Essentially, there are two primary types of accounts: personal and business. And while everyone begins with a personal Instagram profile – the foundation of your Instagram journey – there’s an entire universe of professional options, including Creator and Business profiles.

But what can followers see on a professionals vs personal account?

Let’s delve into the nuances of these account types on Instagram.

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Setting Up Your Professional Account

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What is a personal account on Instagram?

On Instagram, a personal account is an individual user account that is meant for personal use rather than business or promotional purposes. When you create a personal account on Instagram, you can share photos and videos with your followers, engage with other users through comments and direct messages, and customize your profile with a bio, profile picture, and other personal information.

Transitioning to a professional account on Instagram offers enhanced features tailored for influencers, brands, and businesses. These features not only provide an improved interface but also pave the way for deeper audience engagement and targeted marketing.

Whether you’re aiming to expand your business reach, or position yourself as an influencer, switching to a business account is a step in the right direction.

Choosing the Right Profile Settings

Venturing into the world of professional Instagramming begins with setting up the right Instagram profile settings. Here’s what to consider:

Visibility and Tagging:

Every Instagram user’s profile is comprised of their feed and tagged posts. Instagram users are tagged in posts by friends or followers, and these tagged posts can boost your visibility on the platform, especially on the Explore feed.

To manage these tags, one can manually approve them or even remove specific tags if necessary.


Engagement is crucial, and comments provide a direct channel for this.

Ensure you have the right settings to foster genuine interactions. Instagram offers a plethora of options, from allowing comments from specific groups to blocking comments from certain profiles and even automatically filtering out offensive comments.

Utilizing Business Features

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Instagram business profile is not just about aesthetics or a title change; it brings with it a host of advanced features:

Contact Information:

This pivotal shift in the transition from personal to IG business account is evident in the enhanced contact details.

By allowing brands to display their email, phone number, and even a physical location, Instagram fortifies the bridge between businesses and their audience. Whether it’s a potential partnership, a loyal customer, or a new client, this level of accessibility can foster connections and collaborations with ease.

Website Integration:

Nestled just below your bio, the direct website link is a portal to driving substantial organic traffic.

It’s a pathway for your Instagram followers to delve deeper into your brand’s offerings, whether that’s an e-commerce marketplace or a thought-leadership blog. Such integration is vital for conversion optimization, ensuring your audience doesn’t just engage but also acts.

Expansive Biography:

The power of a compelling Instagram bio cannot be understated.

It’s the brand’s elevator pitch, and with a professional account, it gains another layer of depth. Apart from sharing the essence of your brand, businesses can seamlessly integrate another profile link, creating a dynamic interplay between various facets of their online presence, be it personal or another business entity.

Add advantages: 

  • A personal account allows you to connect with people you know, such as friends and family members, and share moments from your life with them.
  • Personal accounts have the option to set their profiles to private, meaning that only approved followers can see their posts and stories. This provides a greater level of control over who has access to your content.
  • Personal accounts are ideal for casual and personal sharing, allowing you to post everyday moments, travel experiences, and other aspects of your life without the need for a more formal or business-oriented approach.
  • With a personal account, you can engage with your followers in a more authentic and personal way. This can lead to genuine connections and conversations.
  • Instagram Stories are a popular feature for personal accounts, allowing you to share temporary content that disappears after 24 hours. This is a great way to document your day, share behind-the-scenes moments, and add a more dynamic element to your profile.

Professional Account Visibility

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What is creator account on Instagram?

A Creator Account on Instagram is a type of account designed for individuals who create content on the platform and want access to additional tools and features tailored to content creation. It’s a middle ground between a Personal Account and a Business Account, offering some business-like features without the full suite of analytics and promotional tools.

Diving deep into the realm of Instagram, it’s crucial to grasp the nuances of visibility, especially if you’re operating on a professional platform. A professional Instagram profile is more than just a space to share photos; it’s a digital storefront that showcases your brand’s personality, offers, and values.

Posts, Stories, and Insights:

The heart of your Instagram presence lies in the content you share. Every post or Instagram story offers an opportunity to connect with your audience, tell your brand’s story, and elevate your social media reach.

The insights provided by the platform are goldmines of information. By understanding your audience’s preferences, peak engagement times, and content performance, you can tweak your strategy for optimal engagement and enhanced Instagram growth.

Followers and Following:

On the surface, these might just seem like numbers, but they can significantly impact your brand’s perception. A robust follower count often signifies trust, authority, and popularity in your niche. It’s not merely about chasing numbers; it’s about building a community that resonates with your brand’s ethos.

Conversely, the profiles you choose to follow can provide insights into your brand’s affiliations, values, and interests. It’s a subtle way to build connections and alignments within the Instagram business community.

Likes – A New Perspective:

Instagram’s experiment of hiding ‘like’ counts in specific regions stirred the pot in the influencer and business community. While the ability to gauge popularity through likes became restricted, the platform’s intent was clear: shift the focus from vanity metrics to quality content.

As a business, it’s essential to adapt and realize that while you can still view your post’s likes, the emphasis should now be on creating content that genuinely resonates with your audience, fosters engagement, and drives conversions.

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Who needs a professional Instagram account?

Companies of all sizes can use a professional Instagram account to showcase their products or services, connect with their target audience, and run promotional campaigns. A business account provides access to analytics, advertising tools, and contact options, making it easier for customers to get in touch.

Individuals who create and share content, such as influencers, artists, photographers, musicians, and writers, can benefit from the additional features of a professional account. This includes access to Instagram analytics to understand audience engagement and the ability to use features like Creator Studio.

Freelancers, consultants, and entrepreneurs can use a professional account to establish an online presence, share their work, and connect with potential clients. The contact options and business-related features can be valuable for networking and building professional relationships.

Setting Up Your Personal Account

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Compared to an Instagram business account, the personal account offers a simpler interface with basic functionalities tailored for casual users. But how does it really stack up against its professional counterpart? Let’s dive in.

Privacy Considerations

When it comes to personal profiles, the emphasis is on user privacy. Ensure that your settings reflect your comfort level. Instagram provides options to make your account private, meaning only approved followers can view your posts.

Additionally, you can choose to hide your stories from specific users, ensuring you have control over your content’s visibility.

Personalizing Your Account

Personal accounts, as the name suggests, are meant to be personal! Tailor your bio to reflect your personality, interests, or hobbies. Remember, this is your space to express yourself.

While the business Instagram account is optimized for business outreach, personal accounts are more about individual expression. Link a personal blog or website if you have one, and select a profile picture that resonates with who you are.

Personal Account Visibility

On a personal Instagram account, visibility is centered around the user’s preferences. Followers and potential followers can see elements like your name, linked website, and bio. However, with the platform’s privacy settings, you have the power to dictate who sees what.

It’s essential to understand these options to ensure you’re sharing content with the desired audience. Whether you’re in it for the ride or aiming for a more intimate circle, your Instagram personal account gives you the flexibility to navigate your social media journey as you see fit.

Understanding The Boundaries of Both

Instagram, the ever-evolving social media giant, has carved out distinct spaces for both casual users and ambitious professionals.

To truly thrive, understanding the unique benefits and limitations of professional and personal accounts is essential. Both these Instagram social accounts, while having overlapping functionalities, offer tailored experiences. Here’s a detailed breakdown, infused with vital keywords to enhance clarity.

Visibility and Customization

Personal accounts primarily cater to those seeking a fun, casual experience on the platform. Users maintain control over their Instagram privacy, with options like keeping the account private, and ensuring that only approved followers access their content.

This baseline functionality serves those who desire intimacy and exclusivity, a realm where their lunch-break activities and personal moments are shared with a select few.

Conversely, Instagram Business accounts and professional profiles are a potent tool for those aiming to establish a brand or identity on the platform. With a public profile, these accounts are designed for maximum outreach. The emphasis here isn’t just on sharing but also on visibility and engagement. They go beyond the scope of a basic lunch-break activity.

The profile can proudly display contact information, from email addresses to locations. Moreover, the analytics and insights provided by these accounts are unparalleled, giving a detailed glimpse into engagement metrics, making it an awfully functioning business space on Instagram.

Purpose and Audience

While personal profiles offer a delightful space for individual expression and connecting with friends and family, professional Instagram profiles have a broader horizon.

They’re designed for businesses flourishing on the platform, influencers aiming for growth on the ‘gram, and creators showcasing their art. Each post, story, or engagement here isn’t just for fun; it’s a strategic step toward brand building or community engagement.

Flexibility and Control

The beauty of Instagram lies in its adaptability. Personal accounts aren’t rigid. If a user feels the itch to explore the expansive world of Instagram business, making the switch is seamless. Similarly, professionals wanting a break from the spotlight can effortlessly transition back to a personal account, customizing the visibility of their profile and the information displayed.

How to Switch to an Instagram Business Profile

  • Open Instagram
  • Go to Profile
  • On your profile, look for the three horizontal lines or dots in the top-right corner of the screen. Tap on the menu icon.
  • In the “Settings” menu, select “Account”
  • Under the “Account” section, you will see an option called “Switch to Professional Account” or “Switch to Business Account.” Tap on it.
  • Instagram will then ask you to choose the type of professional account you want. Select “Business.”

Final Thoughts

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Since its inception in 2010, Instagram has transformed from a straightforward photo-sharing platform to a robust business tool. While personal accounts let users celebrate their uniqueness, business profiles provide a space for companies and influencers to flourish.

It’s essential to recognize that Instagram is no longer just a fun lunch-break activity but a full-fledged business arena.

As you consider expanding your reach, remember the invaluable tools at your disposal. Looking for a game-changer? Flock Social stands ready to elevate your Instagram growth, promising real and engaging followers.

Don’t just scroll; take action. Boost your Instagram journey with Flock Social today!


Can people see if you have a professional Instagram account?

Yes, people can see if you have a professional Instagram account. When you switch your personal Instagram account to a professional account, your profile may display additional information, such as contact details, category, and business hours, depending on the type of account you choose. Additionally, the “Contact” button may be visible on your profile, allowing users to get in touch with you directly.

Which is better personal or professional account on Instagram?

Ultimately, the choice depends on your social media objectives and the level of privacy or visibility you desire. Many users find a professional account beneficial for the added features and opportunities for growth, but it depends on your individual preferences and goals. You can always switch between personal and professional accounts based on your evolving needs.

Do professional accounts get less views on Instagram?

The visibility of your content on Instagram, whether you have a personal or professional account, is influenced by various factors. Instagram’s algorithm determines the reach and visibility of your posts based on engagement, relevance, and other considerations. There’s no inherent disadvantage to having a professional account in terms of views; however, several factors can affect the visibility of your content.

How many followers do you need for a professional Instagram account?

There is no specific minimum follower requirement to switch to a professional account on Instagram. The option to switch to a professional account is available to all users, regardless of their follower count. You can make the switch from a personal to a professional account at any time.

Should I switch my personal Instagram to professional?

The decision should align with your objectives and how you want to present yourself on Instagram. You can always switch between a personal and professional account based on your evolving needs. If you’re unsure, you might experiment with a professional account to explore its features and assess its impact on your Instagram experience.

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