How to repurpose your social media content for Instagram


Content repurposing 101 – learn how to recycle your top-performing social media for Instagram.

So, you’ve gone through your list of go-to IG posts that you know will check all the boxes? No major event or holiday to post about? 

The pressure builds up once you understand how vital frequency is.

We’ve all been there, honestly. Sometimes the idea generator in our brains just needs some rest, and there’s nothing you can do about it. 

With the information overload we’re experiencing on any social media, it’s getting more challenging to come up with that original and super sticky content piece on a daily basis. Small business owners juggling different roles at once can relate here. Most of the days, you don’t really have the time to create new and exciting social media content. 

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So, what to do when the creator’s block threatens to ruin your Instagram efforts?

Repurposing is the solution for when you need to work smarter, not harder. You can use everything from your best performing videos, white papers, blog posts to webinars and Tweets. And recycle them into Instagram-friendly format from time to time to maintain a consistent and stable content calendar. 

Let’s learn why and how to repurpose your social media content for Instagram. 

  • What are the benefits of repurposing content for social media
  • 6 Ways to repurpose social media content for Instagram
  • Screenshots for easy wins
  • Use Carousels for longer formats 
  • Repurposing content: Instagram to Instagram
  • Repurpose your YouTube videos into IGTV content
  • Content repurposing – Short-form video edition
  • Repost blogs using Instagram Guides
  • Tips to keep in mind when repurposing content for social media 

What are the benefits of repurposing content for social media

In addition to giving yourself a much-deserved break, content repurposing on social media also brings about a number of advantages to your strategy. 

  • Reaching bigger audiences: You’re allowing access to your best performing posts to audiences that may not have seen the original.

  • Strengthening your brand image: By strategically highlighting specific posts, you’re setting intentional brand messaging. 

  • Improving your content SEO: Reposting a piece of content will bring more eyes to it, translating into more engagement and better ranking. 

6 Ways to repurpose social media content for Instagram

Now that you’ve been convinced how repurposing can help you achieve different social media goals, let’s learn how to actually repurpose content from your other social media profiles to up your Instagram content game. 

Note: Don’t confuse repurposing social media content to social media cross-promotion. With repurposing you’re actually reformatting already posted content to serve other channel purposes, while cross-promotion implies referencing the original content from one platform to another for the purpose of promotion among wider audiences. 

Screenshots for easy wins

Ever seen a hilarious meme screenshotted from Twitter that got thousands of likes and comments? We bet no one even minded that it was a screenshot and not a fancy edited image. 

In fact, there’s even a rumor that Instagram users prefer their quotes and Tweets as screenshots rather than nicely designed images. 

Why not capitalize on this and repurpose your top performing Tweets for some easy engagement wins? 

Repurpose your Tweets that got the most attention and get a fresh dose of comments, likes, and saves by simply taking a screenshot and posting it to your Instagram. 

Use Carousels for longer formats 

Did you know that Instagram Carousels are the format types that generate the highest engagement rate? Research shows that 10-slide Carousels get over a 2% engagement rate. 

Something to take into consideration when planning your Instagram content. 

If you already write a business blog, you can use Carousels to repurpose your blog content like a pro. Even though an obvious choice, this is still a surprisingly underutilized strategy. 

  • Take some of your evergreen blogs or webinars and recycle them into easily digestible Instagram-user-friendly bits
  • Summarize each paragraph into 1-2 slides
  • Design each slide using branded colors
  • Write a compelling caption to encourage your users to read on
  • Leave the last slide for a powerful CTA to drive more engagement 




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Repurposing content: Instagram to Instagram

Let’s not forget that your best repurposing resources may be right in front of you. 

Literally, your best Instagram posts deserve all the attention they can get, so be sure you make this happen. 

Repurpose your greatest hits IG posts by sharing them to your Insta Stories. As Instagram users are more likely to tap through Stories than scroll the posts, ensure that all of your greatest posts don’t go unnoticed. 

Have a ton of cool posts that can be easily categorized into sections – even better. Arrange them into Story Highlights and give your best posts an unlimited shelf life. 

Repurpose your YouTube videos into IGTV content

While you’re trying to decide if you should go for YouTube or IGTV as a social platform for your video content, choose both by repurposing one for the other. 

With video content being highly favored among audiences and algorithms alike, it would be a waste of content to not maximize its potential entirely. 

Take your best performing YouTube videos and resize them for IGTV. Use your YouTube video description IGTV caption inspo, and you’re good to go. Suppose you’re not sure how to edit videos for IGTV. In that case, you can use one of the many useful tools and editing software designed for these purposes. 

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In addition to repurposing YouTube videos into longer-form IGTV content, you can double down on your best videos even further. 

  • Create short teaser videos and post them as separate Instagram posts




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  • Turn your YouTube and Instagram Live streams into short videos for Instagram post

  • Take the most exciting bits from different segments of your video and create a series of content pieces for Instagram

  • Noticing some potential GIF material? Use it to create fun GIFS for an instant engagement boost

Repost blogs using Instagram Guides

Originally designed to offer useful, reliable info on COVID-19, Instagram Guides are slowly entering the mainstream as regular users are getting the opportunity to use the feature. 

Instagram Guides offer an advanced way of repurposing blog posts and other long-form content like white papers or case studies. 

Unlike repurposing your blogs into a series of post captions, you can have them all linked together in a cohesive sequence with Guides. You can also share the entire series to your Stories. 

Besides the initial benefit of getting the most out of a single piece of content, Guides enables you to take this opportunity even further. And you are keeping your audience on the platform longer. 

Tips to keep in mind when repurposing content for social media 

Ready to dive into the adventure that is recycling your social media content? Before you do, consider these quick tips on how to make the most out of it. 

Number one – ensure that the content piece you’re planning on recycling perfectly aligns with your particular goals for Instagram, in this case. No matter how well your blog post performs on your website, it might not always fit with what you’re trying to achieve with your Instagram. 

Always keep your clear goals in mind when evaluating if the content piece is worth repurposing on another platform. 

Next up, be careful about the timing of your specific content pieces. If you have a solid evergreen type of article, for example, you can use it to freshen up your Insta feed any time you want. However, suppose we’re talking about a specific piece of content tied to a season, a particular event, or a year. In that case, you’d need to plan your recycling in advance. 

Finally, ensure that your content topic and format are Instagram-friendly. Know your audience and what content works best for them before you repost that Twitter rant that doesn’t really align with your Instagram crowd’s values. 

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Your best performing content pieces from other social media platforms are a powerful asset you can utilize to achieve your Instagram goals. When in doubt on what to post on Instagram, go through your top content on Twitter, YouTube, website, TikTok, or Facebook, adjust the format and other details, and you’re good to go. Also, keep in mind all the tips and tricks mentioned in this blog to really make the most out of your best social media content recycling.

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