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How To Get More Comments On Instagram


Instagram has more than 1 billion monthly users. That’s a lot of folks with a lot of words to share. It also has the second-largest engagement rate right after Facebook. That’s a lot of buzz right there.

Instagram has a very algorithm-changing nature. Marketers work around the clock for the most effective strategies to beat it. Engagement is a vast concept. But today, we’re narrowing it down.

Today’s topic is how to get more comments on Instagram.

So, let’s get to work!


How to get comments on Instagram in the first place? There are a lot of factors that influence that. ‘Provoking’ people’s opinions and interests is one way to get more Instagram comments.

Ask yourself – what makes someone stop scrolling to post a comment? Well, sometimes, it’s the need to be heard. Other times, it’s pure interest. And sometimes, it’s arguing at 2 AM with a stranger on what’s better – burgers or pizza. 

The more engagement you get on your post – the more the algorithm likes you. That’s how to get more comments on Instagram. As a bonus, this will help you smooth out your Instagram strategy. 

Alert! It’s an Attention-Grabber!

Everyone online wants to create content that ends up going viral. From a funny meme to an inspirational video – we all want as much exposure as possible.  It’s important to know that viral content has one thing in common.

It stimulates a feeling that makes the viewers want to engage with the post. Or the person that posted it. Even if it’s just a basic selfie, make sure it’s visually pleasing and well-edited.  Just take a look at this selfie of a girl with her grandad. It ended up going viral in a matter of days. 

grandfather and granddaughter share a very similar tone of sky blue eyes

What made this post go viral?

You might think, well it’s a simple selfie – what’s the catch? Long story short, people were intrigued by their eyes.  The girl, Miss Slovakia by the way…Inherited lovely blue eyes from her grandad. And as it shows in the picture, they share a very similar tone of sky blue. 

The picture also provoked emotion. Seeing two different generations share this beautiful gene was a jackpot. The photo has been shared left and right on every social media platform. All from a seemingly basic selfie with your grandad while on vacation. 


Tailor Your Posts For YOUR Audience

Knowing your audience is key. Check out this video from the former Vine star, Casey Frey. His audience always expects funny videos filled with Millennial and Gen Z humor. 

And that’s exactly what they got.

Casey Frey posing

This video managed to get over 10million views and almost 70k comments.  Users shared it on every social media platform on the internet. Just take a look at some of the comments Frey received on the video:

Now, in all honesty, you don’t always have to strive for viral content. Not in the traditional sense anyway. Succeeding at it means getting more engagement than on your previous posts. And if you can’t get that song from Frey’s video out of your head, we’ll save you the trouble.

It’s ‘’Get Out My Face’’ by DVBBS. You’re welcome!

Post At The Right Time To Reach Your Prime!

Now we’ve established the “what”, let’s talk about the “when”. Scheduled posting is a necessity for some users, and here’s why. 

Post when your community is most active

It will end up getting the most engagement after it goes live. Instagram will interpret that as a sign of good quality content. That way, the algorithm will push your post on top of everyone’s feed.

The more views, or impressions, the post gets…well you can do the math from here. How can you check when your audience is most active? It’s really simple actually.

You can head to your profile’s analytics page. This is only available for users whose profiles have been set to Business mode. Go to your profile’s page and click the three lines in the upper right corner. Press ’’ Insights’’, and after that, press ‘’Audience’’

The options on your Insights

You’ll be able to see everything about your followers. 

Carefully scan through all the days of the week. As you can see in the screenshot, 9 PM on Sundays is best for this specific profile. 

The key is to keep trying until you get it right. Instagram is a marketing channel after all, and marketing means testing!

Videos Are The Heart Of Your Profile!

It’s an essential part of forming an audience on Instagram. Many users get comments for Instagram through videos! There’s a whole science behind eye-catching content. More specifically, video content.

The idea behind it originated from YouTube – home of the most viral video trends on the internet. The more ‘’in your face’’ the video is, the more clicks and views it will get. And this goes for the thumbnail, audio, and the video itself. 

Anita Katalina

Whatever your profile is about, you’ll never go wrong with posting more video content. So, how to get more comments on Instagram? Ask, and you shall receive! Occasionally ask your audience for comments.

Tell them you want to know what they think. It’s as simple as that. Visual content with audio will make users pay attention. Even if it’s not “in their lane”, visual content is very stimulating

Which, in a lot of cases, results in them commenting under the post too!

Captions, Captions, Captions!!!

Most of us are often ‘stuck’ when it comes to coming up with good Instagram captions. We seek inspiration from songs and write quotes. Sometimes, we just add some emojis. But what approach is best when we’re ‘fishing for comments’? Thankfully, the answer is really simple. 

Angelica Blick

Ask and you shall receive…Again. A.k.a, ask questions in your captions!

‘’Just saw The Joker in theaters and man oh man…what an amazing movie! Have you guys seen it? If not, what other good releases have you seen recently? I’d love some recommendations! ’’

Here’s a good example from popular Instagrammer and TikTok sensation Addison Rae. That is how to get Instagram comments…by starting a discussion. 

The more they talk, the bigger buzz it creates around your post. And remember, always answer and like the comments!


Instagram Giveaway Makes a Follower a Day!

Giveaways are a fun way to generate more comments on your profile. It’s much easier than it sounds too. All you need to do is post a picture promoting the contest in question. For a chance to win, ask your audience for some of the following:

  • Like and Comment under the post; (obligatory)
  • Tag a buddy;
  • Share the post on your story
  • Follow the profile;

You can always maximize the budget and create a huge Instagram Giveaway on your page! The benefits are crazy high! It’s a brand favorite on the ‘gram. Take a look at how Morphe hosted, a now-closed, Giveaway on Instagram:

It’s always a good idea to get your audience involved in discussing your brand. Whether they share it with a friend or leave a comment themselves. 

Ready, Set – Takeover!

An Instagram takeover is when someone takes over your profile for a day. They post content from their perspective and point of view. For example, celebrities do this for brands and companies all the time, especially when they are involved in million-dollar brand deals.

That marketing idea was eventually adopted by popular Instagrammers. So it’s not a ‘celeb-only’ concept anymore. You can give this task to anyone you’d like; a friend, a colleague, or a fellow influencer or brand owner. Just make sure the trade is beneficial

Takeovers are exciting for viewers. It’s also a great way to get comments on Instagram pictures. Sharing their everyday life to a whole new audience builds interest. And with that comes curiosity in both parties. It’s a win-win situation for the person hosting and for the person taking over. 

Q&A, but make it (a)Live and breathing!

Q&A’s are a quick way to promote your brand and have fun with your audience. And with features like IG TV, stories, and hosting Lives – it’s become easier than ever to do it. Take this time to answer all the questions your audience has.

This will not only build trust but spread awareness of your brand, especially when your followers see that you’re paying attention by noticing them.

Q&A Live by Snitchery

Before the Live, make sure to post a little heads up.

Ask your audience to comment on their questions below and share the post with friends. You’ll receive a flood of comments. Plus, it’s a load of fun!

Make Memes 

Having a great relationship with your audience is one thing. But creating internal jokes or memes about your brand with them is even better. Instagram comments will always find their way around.

But internet memes have always generated the most of them, on every corner on the internet. You could even repost a funny meme one of your customers made. It will deepen the connection between you!

Just look at how Wendy’s takes care of this! They are infamous for creating and reposting internet memes about their restaurant. And people love it! They get thousands of Instagram comments on every post. Especially when it’s a funny meme.

So don’t take a joke…repost it!


Tag Relevant People, Locations and Brands

It’s no secret that influencers use this strategy to promote themselves on Instagram. Tagging bigger profiles will make your name pop up in their tagged posts. That way, there’s a bigger chance of people discovering you.

Make sure you’re only tagging people and brands in your lane. If their audience sees a similarity in content, they’re more likely to engage with you.  And that’s how to get more comments on Instagram as well!

As for locations, it never hurts to have your post pop up in different places. You could generate a lot of new followers this way. People love to discover new profiles through different locations.

Pro-tip: Tag users directly on your post, not in the caption. This way, it’s much easier for them to notice that you tagged them!

Relevant or Niche Hashtags?

Relevant hashtags are a gold-mine. We knew that. But using niche hashtags might just be even better. Adding a universally used hashtag can bury your post under a million others.

It’s easier to rank higher and be more discoverable with a “smaller” hashtag. Profiles with bigger similarities to yours are more likely to engage with you. It’s really important to relate to your followers. 

But let’s walk the walk.

So, you want to post a picture of your products – and let’s say you make skincare products. Adding #skincare hashtag, which has almost  60million posts, under your picture won’t do the trick. But adding your location along with it for example just might. 

Look for something that directly relates to your business. Something that makes your posts more specific and easier to find. 

Take a look at the example below:

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Emily Gold✨ (@emilygoldglows)



Posts with at least one hashtag get 12% more engagement. More engagement tells you how to get more comments on Instagram! Would you like to double that number? Why not check out our hashtag generator while you’re here. 

Also, maybe think twice before posting a hashtag-less photo.

Engagement Is Always Key

The only real way to get more comments is through quality engagement. And that includes Likes and Video views as well. Getting more of those only means one thing – a bigger possibility for your post to show up on the Explore Page, which is the ultimate goal in most cases. 

The better your content is, the more people will comment on how good it is. That’s how engagement works. And Instagram comments are a huge part of it. Be active, be in touch with your audience, and monitor your page!

The key is to outdo yourself post by post. The Instagram comments under them will then come naturally!

Looking for more Followers?


Getting a lot of comments can mean two things. 1. You’re doing something right. 2. You’re doing something terribly wrong. Whatever it is, people love talking about it! Hopefully, you’ll be the first example after reading this blog post!

People love to share their thoughts on the internet. Usually, that only happens when a thought-provoking piece of content comes their way. So, let your content do the walking and wait for the people to do the talking! 

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