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How To Tell If Someone Blocked You On Instagram: A Full Guide

Let’s face it: sometimes, we can get on someone’s nerves so much they block us.

It happens to everyone. Maybe you spammed someone’s inbox or even had a heated discussion that included some choice words. In any case, you got blocked.

Unfortunately, because of pretty tight rules on privacy you can’t see who blocked you on Instagram. So how do you tell if someone blocked you on Instagram?

Well, there are quite a few ways to find out, and it’s pretty simple too.

Keep on reading to find out how!

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Understanding Instagram Privacy Settings

As I mentioned in the intro, Instagram has pretty robust user account privacy settings.

Sure, Meta does harvest your data and uses it for all kinds of nefarious purposes, but at least you can control who can see and interact with your Instagram account.

Instagram users such as you and me have quite a few ways of controlling how people interact with your account.

For starters, if you don’t want to be bothered by random follows and spammy messages, you can set your instagram account to private. This way, the person has to follow you, and you have to approve before they can see your content or send you messages to your direct inbox.

They can still send you messages if they don’t follow you, but those messages will end up in message requests.

You can access your message requests from your inbox and then decide whether you’ll reply to them or not.

Alternatively, you can leave your account public but have another account restricted. Restricting someone is a great way to minimize unwanted interactions with that person without actually blocking them. When you restrict a user’s account, you won’t get any notifications from them sharing, replying, or tagging you. Other people also won’t be able to see their comments on your posts, and vice versa.

To restrict someone, simply visit their profile page, tap on the three dots next to their account handle, and tap on the restrict option.

Lastly, if you really don’t want to hassle with someone, you can block them. Blocking someone on Instagram means they won’t be able to find you, direct message you, or anything else. Of course, this goes both ways.

Now that you’re familiar with Instagram’s privacy options, let’s see how to tell if someone blocked you on Instagram!

How Do I Find Out Someone Has Blocked Me On Instagram?

There are quite a few ways to find out if someone blocked you on Instagram.

These include typing in their name in the search bar, trying to enter their Instagram handle, searching through your profile, checking with a different Instagram account, checking mutual group chats, and mentioning your account.

Let’s go more in-depth on how to know if someone blocked you on instagram.

Use The Instagram Search Bar To Look For Their Profile Page

By far, the easiest way of finding out if you’re blocked on Instagram is by simply searching the person’s profile.

Here’s how you can search a user’s profile on a desktop:

  • Obviously, you first have to open Instagram using your computer browser.
  • Next, click on the search icon located on the left side of the screen.
profile link
  • Now all you have to do is type in the person’s username into the search bar and see if it shows up in the search results.
IG search results
  • If that person’s account doesn’t appear in the search results, that’s a sure sign you’re blocked on Instagram

Using the search feature is completely the same in the smartphone app.

Fire up the app, tap the search icon, type in the person’s username, and if nothing shows up, that’s a sign you’ve been blocked.

In rare cases, even if you’re blocked, you’ll still be able to have that person’s profile pop up in your search results. This is why there are other methods of knowing if you’re blocked, such as checking your direct messages.

Checking Direct Messages

If a person blocks you, they won’t show up in your direct messages or in your shared group chats.

Direct messages also come with a search feature. If you suspect someone blocked you, if you search their username in your DMs, nothing should pop up.

Here’s how you can search your Instagram DMs:

  • First thing first, fire up your IG app or open it in your web browser.
  • Next, tap/click on the message icon.
Instagram message icon
  • Once you’re in your IG DMs you’ll see a search bar on the top of the screen. Use it to search for the account handle of the person you suspect blocked you.

If nothing comes up, then you’re 100% blocked.

You can also check your mutual group chats if you have any. If a person blocks you, you won’t be able to see them or their messages in the group chat.

Checking Comments On Your Posts

Another way of finding out whether you’re blocked or not is by simply checking the comments on your posts. If you were blocked, that person’s comments wouldn’t be visible to you.

So, to check this out just open any post you know has a comment from a person you suspect blocked you and see if it’s still there. If there’s nothing, that means you’ve been blocked.

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Check With Another IG Account

Another easy way to check out whether you’re blocked or not is by using a different IG account. If you don’t have two accounts and don’t want to bother with creating a new one, just ask a friend to search for the person you suspect blocked you.

If the account appears on the other account, that’s definite proof you’ve been blocked. This works both for private and public accounts. After all, just because you’re account is private, that doesn’t mean you can hide it from being searchable.

Use Third-Party Apps or Websites

Lastly, you can try and use one of many third-party apps and websites to check out the profile you suspect blocked you. Spoiler alert – don’t do that!

These websites don’t offer anything useful other than being able to download images and videos to your phone or computer – and you can do that by yourself with a coursory knowledge of how the browser’s inspect tool works.

So, don’t use any third-party software or websites. If a person you think blocked you on Instagram, you can always check that out by firing up your browser, opening an incognito tab, and visiting their profile page directly. To visit a person’s profile page directly, just add their username handle in the link.

It should look like this:

Browser incognito mode

If the profile loads normally via incognito mode and not when you’re logged in to your account, that’s a sure sign you got blocked.

Why Did You Get Blocked On Instagram In The First Place?

The reasons for getting blocked on IG are as numerous as the stars in the sky. With that said, here are some of the most common reasons for getting blocked on this social media network.

You Were Behaving Innapropiatelly

The most common reason for being blocked is not-so-savory behavior, such as sending offensive DMs, harassment, or posting offensive content.

Stay aware of your interactions and make sure your conduct is respectful, kind, and aligns with Instagram’s community guidelines. Treat others as you wish to be treated, and steer clear of any behavior that involves harassment or bullying.

Violating Someone’s Privacy

Another common reason for getting blocked on IG is sharing someone’s private information without explicit consent. This info can be anything from someone’s first and last name, phone number, address, and more.

Always respecting the privacy and boundaries of others!

Refrain from sharing personal information without consent and avoid engaging in excessive messaging or stalking behavior. Keep in mind that everyone has the right to privacy and autonomy on social media.

Spams And Scams

Participating in spamming or scamming activities, which include sending unsolicited promotional messages, sharing deceptive content, or trying to defraud others, may lead to being blocked.

I recommend avoiding engaging in any form of spamming or scamming activities on Instagram. Be authentic and transparent in your interactions, and refrain from posting misleading or fraudulent content.

Build genuine relationships based on trust and respect.

Final Comments

Finding out whether you’re blocked on Instagram is super easy.

What isn’t that easy, though, is the reason behind the block. From experience, in most cases, getting blocked is completely on you. To avoid getting blocked, be mindful of others and think before you start typing DMs or messages.

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