How to find clients on Instagram

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Ever since the beginning of sales and marketing, attracting new customers and forming a core clientele has been quite a creative line of work, to say the least. From the sales pitch cliches to well-orchestrated trade deals, this aspect of business is now more prominent than ever before – especially when it comes to the online world. […]

Why my Instagram followers are decreasing automatically day by day?

Do you ever find yourself wondering, “Why my Instagram followers are decreasing automatically day by day?“ You’re not alone; many Instagram users struggle with losing followers. But why is this happening? It’s essential to understand the root cause of this problem to address it effectively. While buying followers from third-party services might seem like a […]

The Most Followed Instagram Accounts in 2020

How and why these accounts became the most followed on Instagram Instagram has undoubtedly become one of the biggest social media platforms of today. Over the last 5 years, folks from all across the internet have started using Instagram. And its usage has grown x10 during that time. In June of 2018, it exceeded 1 […]

Why Instagram Story Size… Matters?

Instagram stories have been around since August 2016. They were introduced after Snapchat’s “revolutionary” 24h long snaps. The reception was a bit controversial in the beginning. People on almost all social media platforms were accusing them of ripping off Snapchat’s idea – which is so (un)true.  Snapchat rejected Zuckerberg’s billion-dollar offers more than once – […]

Cute and Funny Halloween Captions for Instagram

Creative Halloween captions Instagram promotes and encourages its creators to use A chilly October night, autumn leaves covering the streets, a scary movie playing in the background of a house party and sugar…Lots and lots of sugar in every candy imaginable. Even though 2020 brought Halloween a little early to town, we are super excited […]