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A Guide On How To Find Contacts on Instagram: How To Master Instagram Connections

By now, we all know an Instagram app is a great platform to grow your brand, business, or influence.

But how do you reach your target audience? Easy – expand that network of yours.

Connecting and engaging with more people who share your interests, values, and goals boosts your visibility, credibility, and loyalty among your followers and potential customers.

You’ll probably be wondering – what’s the best way to find contacts on Instagram?

Well, stay tuned as we explore some of the best tips to grow your network on Instagram.


Search and Discover Features on Instagram 101

Instagram is like a digital jungle, and navigating it can be a lot of fun if you know how.

First of all, you gotta use the built-in Instagram search bar to discover people, hashtags, or locations related to your area or interest.

Enter anything – from your favorite pet to hobbies and voila – you’ll come across accounts that just mirror your vibes.

Next on our exploration list are location searches.

Do you want to know who else enjoys beach sunsets in Mexico or metropolitan skylines in Hong Kong

Type a place into the search field, and Instagram will take you there!

Oh, and the Explore page – consider it your Instagram compass.

The platform uses the data from your previous interactions and behavior and gives you posts and profile suggestions. You can even explore different categories, such as Shop, Reels, IGTV, and more, to find everything you need.

Don’t forget to use hashtags to locate and join the trending conversations. Put some hashtags (#likeaboss) under your posts (or enter them into the search bar) to allow potential Instagram contacts to find your content and you!

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Looking for more Followers?

Leveraging Instagram’s Suggested Users and Contacts

Ever had Instagram suggest users that are your long-lost friends?

It’s like the app has a sixth sense for friend-finding.

Well, you gotta make the most out of these suggestions, and we’ll show you how.

Before we start, I’ll have to disappoint you. What Instagram is doing here isn’t magical. The persons recommended to you on your home screen, explore page, or profile page are based on your interests, behavior, and existing relationships.

  • Tap the See All button to see and sort through additional choices. Examine their profiles, read their postings, and, if it feels appropriate, tap the Follow button.
  • Also, take a look at the suggested contacts that are displayed on your profile page or through the Discover People feature. These accounts are synced contacts from other applications, such as Facebook, Twitter, or phone contacts.
Discover device's contacts, mutual friends you have with the people on your contact list, and more.
  • You can tap on the Sync button to connect contacts and see, for example, who from your Facebook friends has an Instagram account.
Contacts syncing from Facebook. Facebook friends.

Utilizing Instagram’s Advanced Search

Advanced search is there when you want to find contacts on instagram with more accuracy and control. It lets you filter down the search results by location, hashtags, accounts, posts, Reels, and other.

Let’s say you’re interested in finding pictures of cute turtles. When you type in “turtle” in the search box, Instagram displays accounts, audio, places, and hashtags that match the text you entered.

Potential contacts on Instagram, find friends, recommended accounts

Alright, but how does Instagram rank your search results?

Basically, it orders them based on the text you provide in the search field and signals (information from accounts, hashtags, and locations).

Here are the most important signals to have in mind:

  • The input text is by far the most essential signal for Search. The Instagram algorithm attempts to match your input with related usernames, profiles, captions, hashtags, and locations.
  • Your activity, meaning -people you follow, posts you’ve seen, and previous interactions with accounts. Profiles and hashtags you follow or browse typically get listed higher than those you don’t.
  • When there are many potential outcomes, the platform additionally considers popularity signals. This includes the amount of clicks, likes, shares, and Instagram followers.

Engaging with Content and Communities

Recommended accounts, facebook contacts

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Finding contacts on Instagram is only the beginning. The next stage is to interact and build connections with the,.

Don’t be a wallflower!

Double-tap those jaw-dropping photos, write comments, and show your support for your favorite users. Engagement is a process that goes both ways; the more you put into it, the more you receive out of it.

Also, don’t forget to join Instagram communities or groups that match your interest, whether it’s #AdventureSeekers or #TechGeeks. Participate in conversations, share what you know, invite friends, and watch your network grow quicker than you are able to say “Insta-friends forever.”

Following and Interacting with Similar Accounts

Follow the profiles that are truly related to your specialty, values, and ambitions. It’s critical to establish a following that loves, admires, or connects with your account.

Once you’ve clicked the Follow button on their profile, pick the posts that you appreciate, connect to, or learn from and give them a like. And don’t just comment “nice” or “cool“, say something significant.

Oh, and sometimes politely share or repost stuff from users you follow. And remember to give them proper credit and attribution.

Direct Messaging and Outreach

It’s time to slide into those DMs like a pro. It is an art, not a science, to craft the right message. So, here are some dos and don’ts of direct messaging:

  • Start with a compliment or question. Write anything that will grab their attention, spark their curiosity, or demonstrate your worth. For example, you may remark, “Hello, I really enjoy your travel photography content. How do you get such incredible shots?” or “I’m a travel blogger looking for collaborators. Would you like to work with me?
  • Don’t send lengthy, rambling, or confusing texts. Create concise, straightforward, and polite sentences that convey your purpose, goal, and expectation. “Hey, I’m a big fan of your work and would love to feature you on my podcast. Would you be available next week for a 30-minute interview?” is a great example.
  • Last but not least, follow up (without spamming). If they don’t react after a few days or a week, send another message. If you don’t get anywhere after a few attempts, move on and accept their decision.

Exploring Third-Party Tools for Contact Discovery

Third-party tools can help you automate, optimize, or enhance your search and discovery process and save you time and effort.

Instagram’s search function may not always get you the results you want. For instance, when you search for “Tom Brady”, you don’t find the genuine Tom Brady; instead, you get some random results.

That’s where Google and other search engines shine, far outperforming Instagram. Consider using Google Dorks, such as “tom brady.”

Using Google Dorks to search for an Instagram account

Or, in the case of keywords, try using “keyword” (replace “keyword” with any keyword you want).

If you’re looking for a specific sort of user, say, those who belong to a certain group, you might want to look at what they say in their bio. can help you with that since it only looks at the user profile’s bio area.

You have the option to add hashtags, choose a minimum or maximum number of followers, and rank your results by “most followers” or “most relevant.”

InfluData is another fantastic service that is worth noting. Using AI-driven discovery, it locates creators and target niches. Their cutting-edge system finds the best category fit for each profile by summarizing it based on content.

But before you decide to use any third-party tool, it’s important to do a reality check. While some apps may offer real value, others might be more trouble than they’re worth.

So, look at potential threats such as data privacy concerns, and account security difficulties before paying for any plan.

Optimizing Your Instagram Profile for Discovery

We’ve spoken about searching for possible contacts, but what about your profile?

Is it well-optimized to appear in the search results of others? If you answered yes, you’re an Instagram pro; if not, don’t worry, I’ll share some strategies with you:

  • Your best chance of appearing in relevant searches is to use a fitting Instagram profile name and handle that matches the vibe of your content. If you have a nickname that your friends or fans use to identify you, be sure to use it in your username or profile.
  • Check that your bio includes keywords that describe who you are and what your profile is about. If your Instagram profile page is place-specific, such as a small company, including your location in your bio might help others in your region locate you.
  • Put keywords and hashtags in the description of a post, not the comments, for it to be found in Search.

Safety and Privacy Considerations

While making new connections on Instagram may be rewarding and enjoyable, there are certain risks and challenges involved as well.

That’s why it’s critical to protect your privacy and safety on Instagram while growing your network.

Follow these guidelines for responsible networking on the Instagram app:

  • Take care when choosing who to follow, connect with, or message. Not every person on Instagram is genuine or has the best of intentions. It’s possible for certain people to try to harass, spam, or scam you. Thus, investigate them thoroughly, and follow your gut.
  • Some people may try to steal your information, hack your account, or expose your content. So, protect your password, carefully pick your profile photo, adjust your settings, and think twice before you share.

The app refrains from displaying hashtags, accounts, and posts that violate its recommendations, so keep that in mind.

Users may have to search for accounts using their whole username in order to locate those that publish spam or break our rules since they may show up lower in search results.

How To Find Contacts on Instagram: The Final Verdict

It’s time to step up your Instagram game!

Implement these tips pronto, stay consistent, and connect responsibly. Always remember that safety is the top priority, so follow these guidelines carefully.

And for an extra boost, check out Flock Social, and frankly, sign up! It’s a great tool that offers you organic growth strategies, engagement tools, and analytics to help you increase your Insta presence.

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