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How To View Instagram Without Account? Roaming Instagram’s Public Domain

Instagram, a visually captivating social platform, strikes a balance between public content and user privacy. But what if you want to explore Instagram without creating an account?

Is this endeavor even possible? Can you view Instagram without an account?

The answer is a resounding yes, and in this short yet informative guide, we will uncover three ways to access Instagram without the need for an account, offering you a glimpse into this popular platform.

Get yourself a cup of coffee, stay until the end of the article, and all of your questions will be answered!

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How to view Instagram posts without an account or logging in

Using third party apps to view an Instagram story

When you land on Instagram without an account, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the wealth of content available for exploration. However, remember that you can not do as much as with an account. 

Having no Instagram account is never a problem. It is your choice and we are here to help you enjoy social media even without a registration.

So, how to view Instagram without an account?

Through profile’s URL

To use this method, you must know the exact username of the person you want to stalk. How do you find a username? You can simply ask a person for their username, or find it out from their friends. Not every Instagram user registers with their name.

After finding the exact Instagram username, you can now find the person’s account and find out what they have been posting. You just have to take some easy steps and you will achieve your goal. Here’s what you should do:

  • Open the browser through your phone or PC
  • In the URL bar, write[username]. Make sure that the username is correct, or else this hack won’t work

This way, you will be able to view the person’s posts in the grid view. Once you type on one of their pictures it will require you to sign in. However, you are free to view reels as much as you like without registration or any headaches.

Using third-party websites

How to view someone's Instagram public account

There are various websites that will help you to view Instagram accounts without registration, anonymously. We will discuss the two main third-party websites to make your stalking easier. These are Imiginn and InstaNavigation.

How to use Imiginn?

To use this website, you just have to take some steps and you are ready to go. Now, let’s learn how to use Imiginn:

  • Go to
  • In the search bar, enter the exact username of a person you’d like to stalk
  • Select the profile you are looking for

After choosing the right profile, you are ready to go! This way, the person will never know that you’ve stalked them and you will be safe from accidentally viewing their stories too.

 How to use InstaNavigation?

Another third-party website we’d like to suggest is InstaNavigation. We assure you, that this website is as simple as the last one. So, this is what you should do:

  • Go to
  • In the search bar, type the exact username of the person you are looking for
  • Click the search button, and you are ready to go

Take note, that InstaNavigation lets you download the desired posts, reels, or stories, too. For this to happen, you just have to scroll down a little bit, find the button “download” and you will receive your desired pictures or videos. 

Browsing Public Profiles

One of the primary ways to view Instagram without an account is by exploring public profiles. Most Instagram users have an open account, where their posts are available to everyone, even the users who don’t follow them.

To use this hack, just go to Instagram’s website on your internet browser, and you’ll be able to see their posts, stories, or any updates. 

Exploring Trending Hashtags

By choosing and finding the trending Instagram hashtags, you can anonymously see the posts or reels related to specific topics, hobbies, events, or interests. This way, you will be able to stalk people with the same needs as you. This is a very good hack if you want to find inspiration through Instagram. Moreover, you can always create your own account and post similar pictures or videos.

Viewing Publicly Shared Stories and IGTV

Instagram stories and IGTV videos offer a real-time glimpse into the lives of users. Even without an account, if a person you’d like to stalk has a public account, you can view their Instagram stories, including tagged posts, by simply clicking on a user’s profile picture or accessing the stories section.

How to view Instagram stories and Reels without an account

Instagram viewer withouth a private account

If you want to view Instagram stories and reels without an account it is very easy and simple. In this post, we will teach you how to see other people’s stories or reels anonymously. Now, let’s see what you should do:

How to view Instagram stories without an account

To view other people’s stories anonymously, you have to use a third-party website. If not, the person you’ve searched for will see that you’ve seen their story. You have to visit the InstaNavigation site. 

As we’ve discussed before, the site is very easy. You just have to visit the website, search for the username you’d like to stalk, click the search button, and you are ready to go.

Use InstaNavigation

As we’ve discussed before, InstaNavigation is an easy tool to stalk somebody on Instagram. You just have to visit the website, search for the username you’d like to stalk, click the search button and you are ready to go. 

Mobile browser accessing Instagram posts

 How to view Instagram Reels without an account

If you want to see Instagram reels without an account, you don’t even have to use any third-party websites. It is more simple and easy:

Type the username you want to see

To see the Instagram reels anonymously, you have to write the exact username you want to stalk. It will look like this:[username]. After, you will see the particular account.

Scroll down and select the open link in the new tab

Once you scroll down the site will permanently require you to sign in. You just have to simply close the pop-up and continue scrolling down. I know it can be annoying, but you must get through it. Once you’ve found the post you want to see, select the open link in the new tab. This is it, you will be able to see the reel. 

What Things Can You Do on Instagram Without Having To Create an Account

Searching Instagram profiles without an account

If you want to use Instagram without an account, you will have a lot of options besides stalking or seeing other’s profiles. Here’s what you can do:

Seeing the total number of followers, posts, and followings

If you want to see the total number of followers, followings, or posts, you don’t have to have an account. This information is very useful if you want to find out how many friends your crush has, or how many posts they upload per day. 

Viewing and downloading posts

The option of downloading posts is very useful, but only available if you use third-party apps. Even people with an Instagram account can not download the pictures of their followers. This way, you will have good-quality pictures downloaded to your gallery anonymously. 

Seeing related accounts

Instagram has a function where you will see the related accounts after you follow somebody. This option is very helpful. For example, if you are looking for inspiration, after finding one account, you will have an opportunity to see similar ones. 

However, we will assure you that you don’t need an Instagram account for this. Even without an account, you still can view the related accounts of the user you are stalking. This way, you will get your inspiration even without any registrations. 

What Things You Can not Do on Instagram Without Having To Create an Account

As we’ve discussed, there are plenty of things you can do without an Instagram account. However, unfortunately, there are several things you can not do:

No Access to Private Profiles 

Unfortunately, without an active Instagram account, you can not see private profiles. Moreover, if you want to see the private Instagram accounts updates, you have to follow them. After your request is accepted, you can see their posts and stories. Some Instagram users choose to have a private account to be safe from unknown followers or stalkers. 

Zooming in on photos

As we’ve discussed before, even some of the third-party websites can not provide you with the full pictures of the user you are checking. The main reason for this is that after viewing the profile anonymously, Instagram will require you to sign in for the user’s safety reasons and private policies. 

You can always screenshot the user’s full feed and cut out the pictures you like. However, the quality of the pictures will not be as good as the original.

 Sharing your posts, stories, or updates

Remember that Instagram is not only for checking or looking at other’s posts. If you are new to Instagram or don’t have an account, you are truly missing out. Instagram offers you many options to make your days funnier and brighter. I suggest you try creating an Instagram account and open a new chapter of your life. 

Conclusion: To Join or Not to Join Instagram

Now, it’s decision time. Is it better to embrace the public domain of Instagram or create an account to access all its features? Many people have different opinions about social media sites. Some of them choose to avoid social media platforms such as Instagram, and some of them are looking forward to posting new pictures and sharing their thoughts through media. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer.

If you’re happy with just observing from a distance and not interacting, the public domain offers a vast array of content. You can explore public profiles, trending hashtags, and stories without the commitment of an account. Moreover, you can still take some inspiration from celebrities through Instagram.

It’s a choice suited for those who prefer a more passive role on this platform. If you want to keep your life silent and quiet, having no Instagram or other social media accounts is the best way.

However, if you seek a richer and more interactive experience, creating an Instagram account is the way to go. It enables you to connect with friends, personalize your feed, and engage actively with posts, stories, and videos. People on Instagram try to support you and you can make a lot of friends there.

The choice ultimately depends on your preferences and how you’d like to engage with this dynamic platform. We support every choice and decision you make.

Oh, and join us at Flock Social.

You’re one sign-up away from building an engaging audience and growing your platform organically. 


Can you see Instagram without an account?

Yes, you can see Instagram without an account. However, with some limitations. Some of the third party websites, exploring trending hashtags, viewing public accounts, and many other options, will help you see Instagram without an account. Remember that you will not have a lot of options on Instagram without an account. 

How do you view Instagram posts anonymously?

There is a tool called InstaStoriesViewer, that allows you to see users’ stories anonymously. To use the tool, you just have to visit their website, type in the username and you are ready to go. The website is not 100% safe, but it guarantees that you will be anonymous. In our opinion, always do research about a company you want to use. 

Will someone know if I open their Instagram account?

Instagram does not alert the users that somebody has viewed their account. This way, you are free to stalk anybody you like. But remember, this doesn’t apply to the stories. Once you view somebody’s story from your account, they will see it. However, there are some of the sites that let you see accounts that view your profile. Don’t worry, these sources are mostly not reliable, and you will stay anonymous. 

Can you view Instagram followers anonymously?

Unfortunately, any time you try to view Instagram followers of an account, the login screen will appear. To keep the customers safe, Instagram tries to hide their followers and personal information. Instagram has a lot of privacy policies and we do not offer you to disobey them.

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